I am first to admit I love a big ‘ol poncho.  I actually kept a big blanket poncho in my office for three years and would wrap that baby around me like a delicious blanket when I was working in Mississippi and the AC was always on blast.  Now I work in California, where the AC is rarely even on, so the work poncho isn’t as necessary but nonetheless, I’m a sucker for what my mom coined “the pajama fake-out.”  Anything that is as comfortable as pajamas, yet visually appropriate to where outside of your house.

I’ve been wearing this goemetric poncho on repeat because not only is it super comfortable and cute, but it also is this thick blanket-like material that is so soft.  Also, it allows me to eat as many breakfast tacos at brunch as I desire, which is actually exactly what I did after Christian so kindly snapped these photos.

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cape c/o | denim | boots, similar here | turtleneck | bag c/o | beanie | sunnies | brooch – Chanel | pave bracelet c/o | watch c/o | assorted David Yurman | ring

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18 thoughts on “How to Style a Poncho

  1. I am CRAZY in love with that cape, Kathleen! I’m off to see if they’ll ship too Australia because I seriously want need want for the colder months 🙂 And love that beanie on you! Oh and your lipstick colour! Xx

  2. First off, I’m jealous of those breakfast tacos. YUM. But I am super loving this poncho. So cute. I can only imagine how cozy this could be. I think I need one ASAP.
    xx Tessa

    1. Oh my goodness – I don’t know how you stumbled across CBL, but welcome! And if that means I can come visit South Africa I am 100% up for that. XO

  3. Hi, I’ve been reading your blog using Feedly for a while and realized that for the past ~2 weeks new posts aren’t showing up. At first I thought maybe you were on a break, but realized I was getting notified of new posts on Facebook. Any idea why I’m missing them on Feedly? I’ve tried to update the subscription but they still aren’t showing up. Thanks!

    1. Hi Jenn – glad you’ve been following along and thanks so much for bringing this to my attention! I haven’t used Feedly before but I’m going to ask my web designer about this and maybe she will be able to look into it! Thanks so much for sharing! XO

  4. haha the “pajama fake out” is awesome! gotta love when you can put together a look that’s both comfy and cute!! lookin’ good girl! xo,D

  5. Hi!
    I discovered your blog through Instagram. So glad I did! I’m I’m love with this poncho and need it right away!

  6. So cute! I Love the look of values and ponchos bit have yet c to take the plunge myself but this one is fabulous! I have a question though. Have you ordered other stuff from Sheinside before? I have heard mixed reviews about getting stuff from them.

    1. Hi Hana! I work with them for my blog and have never had a problem with packages, but I believe I receive them faster than average shipping. I will share that their sweaters are AMAZING. I have so many and I seriously wear them constantly.

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