Ah, polished athleisure.  The only thing most of us want to wear the majority of the time, especially during cooler months.  I live in sweatshirts and leggings (particularly while pregnant/in the third trimester), and I love seeing how other girls layer and accessorize athleisure in a way that certainly doesn’t limit style.

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If you can swing it, I love matching sets.  You can obviously wear them together or separately, but you get so many looks out of two matching pieces.  This half-zip sweatshirt and matching pants are calling my name.

I have this sports bra and sweatshirt from Amazon and love and wear both regularly.

These sneakers have been raved about online by so many people, I hear they are incredibly comfortable, and I love how many colors they come in.

These leggings are some of the best leggings under $30 you’re going to find and I love the thigh pocket.  I can’t have enough sweats, and I’m having a hard time not stretching out some of my favorite pairs right now!  Love these and these.

If you have any athleisure purchases you’ve made recently and love, do share!  Always looking for fresh recommendations.  Thanks so much for reading and sharing – XO –

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