This week’s wish list is just some overall spring things I’m loving right now. The weather has been SO GORGEOUS this week! We have been cleaning up our patio, preparing for the sweet weeks ahead (it’s baby month!), and I’m getting ready to move some of our more tropical plants back out to the patio.

But let’s get back to the fashions. To shop, simply click directly on the item or find its associated number below the collage.


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I have these heels and love seeing them available again. They go with everything!

I can’t wait to wear tops with jeans again. That is usually my go-to. Loving this spotted one, this sleek one and a big loose tee (would be amazing for fourth trimester!).

I love bringing in color through jewelry and these earrings and these earrings are some favorites of mine right now. These aren’t colorful but I’ve had them for a few years and they totally go with everything.

Also, love these Ray Bans for less-style sunglasses!

I’m all about midi dresses always, even better if they’re solids and versatile. However, I’m loving this printed one and it’s selling out so fast!

Let me know what you have your eye on this spring. I am so excited for a spring baby and the chance to ditch these maternity clothes. Bring. It. On!! Thanks for reading – XO –

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