caviar on doritos

This was a really fun taste test that I can thank you guys and tik tok for.

A gal I discovered on Tik Tok, Danielle Zaslavskay, is always sharing how she eats caviar (I think her family works in the industry?). I didn’t have much on my Christmas wish list this year, so I decided to ask for a small container of good caviar. I don’t think I’ve had any since before Hudson was born.

Christian surprised me with a small jar from Caviar Russe, and here we are!

I had a few gals over for dinner last week, and I wanted to bring them in on the taste test. We popped it open and tried it three ways:

  • with créme fraise on a Dorito (Danielle’s way)
  • with créme fraise and chopped chives on a Cape Cod kettle chip (CBL girl way)
  • on a fried mozzarella stick with or without créme fraise (CBL girl way)

how to eat caviar


We all love the nostalgia of a Dorito… but the Dorito flavor is overpowering and therefore not the winner.

The créme fraise with chives on a kettle chip was the #1.

I thought the mozzarella stick was a close second when it’s warm. Once it fully cools down it kind of loses the magic.

Overall – it was such a fun experience and I would definitely do it again. My family loves doing taste tests. The Coke vs. Pepsi challenge, wine taste tests, whiskey tastings, tequila tastings, etc. One time Christian and I put together a sparkling water taste test so we could fully understand the difference between sparkling water, tonic and soda water. You always learn something!

If you’re a caviar consumer, I’d love to hear how you prefer to eat it. Or if you have a favorite taste test, tell me what was on the agenda. Thanks so much for reading! More food and drink recipes here. XO –

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4 thoughts on “Taste Test: Caviar 3 Ways

  1. We love it on blinis with the yoke part of the egg and a little crème fraise. But we have tried it on top of deviled eggs and love the saltiness of it with the combo of mustard

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