We are outside more than ever right now, and I love seeing how many of you are also enjoying your outdoor spaces.

I wanted to round up some patio pieces I’ve seen that I think are extra cute. To shop, click directly on the item or find its associated number below the collage.

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When we lived in San Francisco, we didn’t have a balcony or patio of any sort. We really only had the fire escape, which I did in fact crawl out to sit on a few times to feel some fresh air. Even though that was just one year, I was surprised how much I missed having a patio, however small, just to sit with a coffee or sit for a phone call. We really treat our covered patio like an extension of our home and spend a lot of time out there. Forever grateful!

We have two of these adirondack chairs and really love them. I like that they’re finished, they aren’t oversized, and they’re super comfortable. They now have a rocking chair version and cushion inserts – how cozy!

This bamboo food cover is just adorable. Period.

We have some of these ruffle planters and they’re a splurge, but let me tell you – they are gorgeous in person. If you want a little taste of this, this trio of planters is adorable. You can use it for plants, herbs, flowers, etc.

Friday’s Five coming tomorrow – some fun things to share! Thank you so much for checking in and reading – XO –

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