This week’s wish list is a spotlight on the summer staples that I find myself reaching for without thought. There are some foundational wardrobe pieces that I would have a really hard time living without.

Let’s get into it – to shop, click directly on the item or find its associated number below the collage.


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I recently shared in this video that my “mom uniform” is a white tank or tee, classic jeans, and slides. It’s the no-brainer outfit I can throw on quickly and feel both put-together and ready for anything the day (or my kids) throw at me. I love this staples tank from Amazon, so classic. I’d pair it with these jeans and these slides (I own both!).

I have this $49 dress in three colors. I love it, and it’s a great travel dress!

I have a pair of earrings like this and they go with everything. And I mean everything. Best investment in some ear baubles.

These are my favorite denim shorts because they’re a little bit longer than your standard cutoff shorts which makes them feel better on my thirties self.

Thanks so much for checking in and reading! Talk soon  –

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