I have been taking my time combing through what’s available in this year’s Nordstrom Anniversary Sale, and I’m going to bring you what I think is the best of each category.

As I have said for years to y’all, you do not need everything. I just want you guys to know what’s available and from there, you can decide what you think is the best!

One year I literally spent $100 on new underwear. Seriously. Also… no regrets!

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These kinds of plates are the only ones that Theo can’t toss over his shoulder. I have a blue one and use it daily. Daily!

Lots of colors of natives are available here and here. We love ours and double love that kids can get them on easily by themselves.

We use our Tripp Trapp every day. A sleek bouncer like this and a travel crib are newborn must-haves. I used the Doona with both boys and can’t imagine not having it, SO EASY. We also have the Doona Trike and it’s a big hit!

We don’t have any of these riding suitcases but Hudson would LOVE it. Honestly, Theo would too (he’s a wild one). We DO have a stroller wagon and it is absolutely amazing. Even more so than I thought we would.

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When I’m shopping for clothing, I recommend opting for quality over quantity. Maybe this is the year that you buy that leather jacket you’ve always wanted or one pair of great designer jeans. In years past I’ve splurged on Stuart Weitzman boots. All of these items will last years rather than a dress that might only feel “current” for a few seasons.

This blazer is so gorgeous and while it’s green, I think it could be a statement piece that feels refreshing. A standout piece. This cashmere cropped jacket is so insanely gorgeous. A splurge for sure but it’s Jackie O classic.

The sweater lineup is always amazing in the #NSale and while I really don’t need a single sweater… if I WERE to buy some I would lean toward something timeless like this black wool and cashmere cardigan (would look super cute open with a tee) or this longer cardigan.

My favorite sweater at a lower price point is this oversized mock neck one. Love the color variety!

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I usually find more shoes that I love than this year, so I combined this category with accessories. My #1 on this page would be the Stuart Weitzman boots already mentioned. I have a pair of their boots that I’ve literally had for nine years and they still look incredible. If you spray them with a protectant spray and take care of them, who’s to say how long they could last!?

I have a Michele watch that I wear almost daily. In fact, I’m wearing it right now as I type this. I love their watches and think this multitone watch is beautiful.

I’ve always loved this clutch. I am not in a season of life where I wear evening bags like this much, so it would be too much of a splurge for me. But if you do – please grab this on sale!

I think I might buy a pair of sneakers this year. These lighter-shade ones are so good!

I have another post coming with the best of lounge, athleisure, mens and home. Will be posting those shopping guides asap.

Thank you so much for your trust and loyalty when deciding if and what pieces are for you. It really means so much to me. More to come! xo –

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