This week I bought our first few pumpkins along with two huge purple mums… HOORAY! We pulled out some of my fall kitchen favorites, like my Staub ceramic mini pumpkins for sneaks of candy.

I’ve been putting some indoor things out, like Hector of course, but I’m not going to plan on going full-on Halloween until October 1st!

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I bought this skeleton a few years ago and it remains the highlight of each October. We named him Hector, we move him around the house, and last year I bought him a little skeleton parrot friend.

I love this ceramic pumpkin bowl. How cute!

I remember seeing these exact pumpkins last year and I almost bought them. I still love them… do we need!?

We have two of these and I arrange them going up the staircase wall. They are so fun and super easy to put out, using their bendable arms to wrap around things.

I love these throw pillows. If I bring one more pillow into this house, I’ll never hear the end of it. But YOU should indulge!

black paper bats

Thank you so much for checking in and reading! When are you pulling out your spooky things!? Talk soon – xo –

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