Fall weddings… only the best time to have a wedding (says the girl who got married in early November). But seriously – wedding guest attire is always top of mind for my CBL gals. So we are rounding up some pieces that would not only be fabulous for a fall wedding but also perfect for other occasions (holiday parties, church, you know the drill).

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I’ve learned in the past 10 or so years that to some, wearing red to a wedding is a faux pas. What do you guys think!? I think it’s totally fine. I love all brides, but girl… we can only rule out so many colors for your wedding. White and ivory are out, the other color wheel options are IN. But that’s just my opinion (said in Tamra Judge voice)!

This dress is a splurge but wow. WOW. I would wear this to both a wedding and then save it for NYE.

I also love all the feather accents out right now. This dress is giving center of the dance floor.

Another splurge are these nude strappy sandals. But let me tell you… I have them in 3 colors and have worn them year after year after year. They look great with everything.

I love these earrings. They’re like little fireworks dangling from your ears!

This dress is so chic. If you are comfortable in bodycon, I can’t imagine a better dress.

Lastly, if you’re going to a black-tie wedding, this is your dress. So classic!

Thank you so much for checking in – let me know your thoughts on wearing red to a wedding! xo –

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4 thoughts on “Wish List | Fall Wedding Guest Dresses

  1. Hi Kathleen.
    Congrats on your anniversary. Thanks for sharing those gorgeous pictures. You look so beautiful. No, I wouldn’t wear red to a wedding, unless it was an Asian wedding. Although, you.look great in it. Many happy blessing to you and your family. Xo

    1. I am wondering if I’m in the minority thinking red is ok to wear to a wedding!? I don’t want to be tacky over here! Thank you for sharing, Tonia!

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