This week’s gift guide is a little bit late (I’m sorry!), but I wanted to put together some gifts for the guys. I included pieces that Christian has and uses all the time.

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I was lucky enough to receive these headphones in a press mailer earlier this year, and now I genuinely like them more than my AirPods. Much more actually – and they’re a great price point by comparison!

How fun is this poker set? I don’t know how to play poker… but a little set makes me want to try. I do however love a good game of Mexican Train Dominoes. So fun and easy!

I got this for both my dad and Christian last year for Christmas. My dad uses his all the time. Christian would use his more except a little blonde baby tends to delightfully steal the golf ball.

Christian bought this quilted shacket when we were in Charleston and he loves it. He wears it almost daily when he changes clothes after work. Highly recommend!

I have this mug and have given two to grandparents in the past. It’s such a hilarious gift – one that I know brings lots of smiles! Similarly, my brother and his wife gave my dad these socks and they’re so great.

My mom got Christian these personalized ice cubes and they’re very cool. They make a drink feel extra special.

More gift ideas to come and y’all… we gotta get on it. Christmas is almost on the 10-day countdown! And more gift ideas in the “holiday” section of this site. Thank you so much for reading and see you soon – xo –

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