Sharing a few things that are on my holiday wish list this year. And it’s random… but aren’t all of our lists all over the place? That’s part of the fun, right?

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I saw these small Juliska ramekins when we were visiting Charleston, and they were so cute and practical. I can see them being used for all kinds of things and would love a set of four. I’ve had our berry & thread collection since 2012 and we still love it.

Saw these platters on Etsy and not only thought they were so pretty, but they’re also so convenient for bringing an app, side, etc. to other friends’ houses.

I’ve been interested in a tuliperie for years. Some are higher end, and others like this one are much more reasonably priced. A unique vase!

Is it just me or is everyone talking about getting fancy filtered showerheads? Do I need this too?

I’m a huge fan of Our Place and these baking trays just make sense, honestly.

I wear these lug boots aaalllllll winter, so I think a heeled version would be so cute.

Please read this sweatshirt. The best.

I’ve been eyeing some old-school asics but don’t need another pair of sneakers. But maybe if they’re a gift…

Recently bought myself two of these rechargeable table lamps and they’re brilliant. Everyone needs a pair!

When I was gifted this rolling tote bag and it’s brilliant. The best gift – I love it.

Something about a virtual reality headset just sounds so fun. Like the party tool to bring out after a glass of wine. Is it weird that I want a toy? If it is… she don’t care (flips hair).

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Have a great week, friends – xo –

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