The first time I laid eyes on this headboard I thought, “that headboard looks fit for royalty…I have to have it.”  Luckily for me, my current headboard was less than $40 from a thrift store.  I knew I needed one but didn’t want to invest in an expensive headboard until I found one that I really loved.

Unfortunately, CHBoo didn’t share my love for this headboard.  He thought it looked girly…which is does, but I mean, IT’S GORGEOUS.  Since when did men decorate their homes?  CHBoo doesn’t live with me (yet), but will be moving in after we get hitched and you know what they say — what’s his is mine and what’s mine is mine.

Maybe it went on sale for 30% off for 48 hours.  Maybe I finally caved in and bought it.  Maybe I didn’t tell Christian because I feared his response after he specifically told me he would never sleep in a bed with this headboard.  Maybe I then told him he didn’t have to because I have a spare bedroom that he could sleep in and decorate as he wished.

MAYBE I tested the waters to see how he would feel whenever I spilled my guts that I bought it anyway:

Oh snap.  Now I was really scurred.

Christian is a lot like my sweet and gentle Dad.  He is super laid back and low maintenance — requires very little be happy.  He also rarely raises his voice or gets angry so when he puts his foot down once or twice a year…you obey. 
So I got engaged on Friday.  Still hadn’t told him about the headboard.  While unattaching the current headboard and moving it myself (along with all the furniture so the delivery men could easily place the new headboard in it’s new home) on Sunday, I knocked over one of my beloved mercury glass lamps and it shattered into 29,473,894 pieces.  WWWAAAAHHHH!!!!
I thought this would be the perfect opportunity to spill my guts.  Maybe he would feel sorry for me because I was sad and the image of his sweet fiancé hoarding an enormous headboard on her back and knocking things over in the process would make him feel too sorry for me to yell at me….

I got everything set up and sent him a picture:

Not bad! This is a victory in my book!

I gotta say, I don’t regret it.  I feel like I am sleeping like a queen every night.


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12 thoughts on “Headboard of my Dreams

  1. LOVE the headboard!! Your convo with Christian sounds exactly like mine with Kaleb when I was on the hunt for a tufted headboard-the kid thought every option was too girly. We settled on one, but it’s not quite as regal as yours 🙂 Enjoy the lovely addition to your room!

  2. Good for you! It’s beyond gorgeous…he’ll learn you have the upper hand in decorating. My husband dreams of a huge fish tank like he had in college…I tell him when he gets his own home he can have one!

  3. Wow – that really adds a lot of “chicness” (Word?!) to your room. Good work!!

    1. Welcome!! YES. I loved this headboard for almost a year before I made the splurge and it is one of the best home purchases I have ever made. It MAKES a room. Let me know if you take the plunge! XO

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