We may still be California-homeless but we had a great time living out of a hotel for a week and eating our way through Orange County.  I’ve traveled to San Francisco with my family, to Los Angeles with friends and to San Diego to visit my sister but have never ventured into Orange County.  Laguna Niguel, Newport Beach, Costa Mesa, Orange, Huntington Beach…there are so many beautiful and unique communities to explore and I look forward to scouting all the other charming areas in OC (and continuing to say “y’all” the entire time).

Here’s to hoping we can snag the perfect little townhouse to purchase and call home.  We don’t need a ton of space, but with two humans, one (large) dog and a vocal kitty…it would be nice to be able to stretch out.  Fingers crossed!

Some photos from our “working” trip –

C and I dug deeper into the In-N-Out secret menu (more details here) – next visit I think I’m going to have to go with the hamburger, protein-style and mustard grilled with whole grilled onion and well done fries. #yolo

 A waffle pastrami sandwich at Bruxie.  Mother, may I have another?

A cocktail to celebrate the end of a day of {expensive} house hunting.

Aaaahhh…I want to go to there.

Thank you so much for reading and following along in this journey with us! XO –

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13 thoughts on “Visiting Orange County

  1. I see you ate all the healthy / low fat stuff we have here in Cali … ha ha
    Honestly though … all the street food stuff like tacos, and burgers – sometimes that’s better than a truffled lobster mash with wagyu beef. My sis in law came out for the first time 8-9 years ago (from Florida) and was taking photos of people’s front yards because she couldn’t believe how many beautiful flowers just grow all over the place here. I currently have bougainvillea, jasmine, roses, lavender and a bunch of other stuff just growing in my yard withouth much help from me.

    1. I don’t know if waffle pastrami sandwiches and truffle fries count as healthy but I would like to THINK they do! I am totally with your sister — I felt the same way about all the roses and bougainvillea — gorgeous. I want your yard!!

  2. Gorgeous!! I used to live in Laguna Hills when I was little!! Haha, I know I’ve said that about 100 times on your blog and you probably think I’m a creeper for always commenting about it, but it’s just so awesome you are moving out to CA!! My husband and I are trying to go back out there too, specifically to San Fran because we went back in October and fell in love, but LA would do just fine as well 🙂

    Looks like you had a great time! The food really is great out there, especially Mexican!!

    1. Not creepy at all, girl please!! I can’t imagine living in Laguna Hills — that area is seriously stunning. My brother and his wife will be living in San Fran for a year — I love the attitude of that city – so fun and unique!

  3. SoCal is my favorite place to live! I love it so much! I could stuff my face with everything animal style all day and literally try to find every reason possible to try to live near the water in Laguna. Or Newport. How do you choose just one place?! I hope you hit up South Coast Plaza and some of the fun Laguna Beach boutiques!

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