Some of you may have seen on instagram that we recently went camping (or as I like to say, glamping) in California. Christian finally convinced me to go camping with him and some new California friends a few weekends ago, and I think it was the first time I had slept in a tent since I was in the single-digit years.

Christian likes to consider himself the outdoorsman and is always trying to include me in his adventures.  Now that we are in a different climate, I’m more likely to get onboard with nature and we’ve found some new outdoor hobbies to share that are really fun for both of us.

Camping, however, may not be becoming one of them.  We had a great group of people and it was fun to bring our dogs, go hiking and walk down to the lake.  The drive up to the campsite in the mountains was absolutely gorgeous – we’re not used to seeing such majestic mountains!  But at the end of the day, after a long work week, I would rather wake up in my bed than in a tent with Bailey taking up half the air mattress and breathing on me.  Not to mention the prep work for a camping trip is kind of intense!

I did enjoy conversation around a campfire with friends and Christian’s excitement to share his one of his favorite childhood adventures with me.  I am definitely glad that I went and hope that maybe in the future we can spend all day outside, but then come home to sleep inside.  Or at least sleep in a cabin.

Did you grow up going camping?  Do you have tips and tricks for falling in love with sleeping in the outdoors? Talk to me.

Thanks for reading!!  XO –

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19 thoughts on “Glamping

  1. Ok i love everything about this post. Granted i’ve never been camping, i really like the idea of it and would like to think that i’d enjoy it haha. But seriously, the scenery, the puppy, Christian’s shirt. It all looks amazing. Glad you had a good time x

    1. You should go camping and report back! I liked it better than I thought I would…but I think I’m ok if it’s my only camping experience. 🙂

  2. I LOVE camping lol. Every year my boyfriend and I drive up north and take his little brothers camping. This year we brought my little brother and my boyfriend’s two childhood friends along. Me + 6 crazy boys all alone at a lake. — You could guess that I wanted to kill them all before we even got there LOL. But I think it’s a lot of fun. I’m not usually the girl who enjoys getting dirty, I am known to shower twice in one day if I feel super gross but I think when I’m camping I reach a point where I just don’t care about the dirt on my feet or the smell of smoke in my clothes and hair. My mind set is – I’m going to eventually take a shower and get clean, it’s okay if my clothes get dirty that’s why washing machines where invented. Once you get to that I don’t care state of mind the rest is a blast. 🙂 You’re right though the prep work is so extensive, and expensive LOL. I love that you call it glamping! Ha! 🙂


    1. Go YOU for being the only girl! It sounds like you have the right attitude – I could learn from you! Thanks for sharing! xo –

  3. We lived in Laguna Hills when I was younger and we always drove up about an hour away to go hiking! We never really camped out, but we have a few times with friends a couple of years ago!!

  4. We’re the same way, my husband LOVES camping and anything outdoorsy. I however have a strict indoor plumbing policy, doesn’t have to be fancy I just need to be able to at least flush. We went camping when I was younger BUT it was in a small camper as my mom feels the same way. My older sis LOVES camping though, they go for a week at a time.

  5. I agree with Rachael, the picture with your LV bag and the tent is so perfect! You’re the cutest. I did grow up camping, A LOT! So, I love the outdoors, but I can appreciate a comfy bed and nice hotel room 🙂

  6. My family spent a LOT of time camping. We’ve been camping for Thanksgiving weekend for as long as I can remember…tent camping vs. trailer camping is totally different! Having a sink/shower/”real” bed really does make it a little more like glamping. If you guys wanted to rent a small pop-up trailer or have one delivered to your campsite that might be a fun change?

    1. Thanksgiving weekend – what a fun tradition! Yeah a trailer would be totally different. Christian needs to make friends with someone with a trailer before we go camping again. 🙂

  7. I love camping! I grew up doing it & my family even took a trip around the country where we camped almost every place we went. I’ve actually been trying to get my husband to go for a while now, but he’s like you, he’d rather sleep in his bed than a tent!

  8. Omg my favorite picture is the LV duffel outside of the tent, I love it! I just am not a camper, I can’t. My fiance worked on trying to take me for years and finally gave up on me, haha! I do love the outdoors but for a day trip or hike, then come home at the end of the day. Your photos are stunning!

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