– some new sparkly statement necklaces –


– couch and snuggle time with Lula LaShonda –

– adding a fun monogram sticker to my planner –

– Mississippi notepads from my sister-in-law –

– the sweetest petit fours from my mother-in-law for our wedding anniversary – brought all the way from Mississippi! –


Other mentions:

We have finally we have left for our anniversary trip to Santa Barbara!  Thank y’all so much for your awesome recommendations and tips – I so appreciate it!  I have been researching vineyards and tasting rooms and with the advice of many, I think I’ve narrowed it down to a few.  I’m ready to kick my feet up, let someone else do the driving and sip some vino!  But let’s be honest…aren’t we all ready for that everyday?  I’m looking forward to turning off electronics and enjoying the scenery.

Y’all have a fab weekend and don’t forget to enter the Foxy Originals giveaway! XO –

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    1. So I got this little sticker forever ago from etsy and I don’t remember the exact shop, BUT if you search “vinyl monogrammed stickers” on etsy a TON of options will show up! Hope this helps! xo –

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