After this apartment tour and this bar cart post, several of you left blog and instagram comments about my bookshelf styling. I am by no means a shelf styling pro, but I’ve tried to pack these shelves with as much as I can while still keeping them looking somewhat orderly.

I like to mix up vertical and horizontal sections, while showcasing some of the more special trinkets and items,changing up the dimensions on different shelves.

While I wouldn’t let Christian bring his mounted deer head to California, we did bring these antlers.  They remind me of Christian’s family’s farm and hunting land in Mississippi…and if I have to hear about him missing duck season ONE more time…

 It was fun to mix my fashion books and pink geode bookends with Christian’s medical books and bookends.  His and hers!

These Tiffany’s playing cards are just the cutest gift ever.  A fab Christmas gift from my mom years ago.

deer antlers

I had been wanting a skull for a while and lo and behold Christian won a plating contest at the hospital, winning a prize…and this fun little guy (we named him Hector).

More about this little eiffel tower here.

More about this vintage globe here.

I just wanted to show some more detail of the shelving and how I try to visually break up each section, while still utilizing the shelves for storage.  Don’t be fooled…inside that basket on the upper shelf lies a ton of loose receipts!

Please feel free to leave any questions or suggestions in the comments below.  Thanks so much for giving your feedback and inspiring this post!! XO –

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24 thoughts on “Styling Bookshelves

  1. I love these shelves! The mix of his and hers is just perfect- I am constantly trying to balance my husband’s hunting stuff with more feminine touches, and I love how you did it.

    1. Thank you so much! Don’t get me wrong, some of his stuff had to be hidden…like the velvet mounted antlers. 🙂

  2. Kat ! So thrilled to see the monogramed pewter pitcher made the bookshelf design !
    Lovely, all of it. I love the masculine AND feminine mixed together for a unique and intensely personal statement of who you are…which is why we decorate with passion as members of the fairer sex !!!

    xoxo lea

  3. Color me practical but all I see is a dusting nightmare! That being said I’m pretty sure I’m going to put the gorgeous display shelving unit my daughter scored from Nieman Marcus when she worked there to use in my new home for the very same thing. Call me a glutton for punishment but it adds so much to a room. Looks great!

  4. I love these shelves! I’m a terrible decorator because I hate “stuff” but I love the idea you have presented. I actually love the bookcase itself. I like how streamlined it is and not overpowering. Mind sharing where you got it?

  5. I agree with the comment above, styling this way is a dusting nightmare…But it really is a beautiful styling. I’ve been trying to style my bookshelfs as well and i had yours in mind, but unfortunately I wasn’t able to create anything nearly as great. You really are perfect at this, and not only at styling the bookselfs but at styling your entire appartment. I think you should work as an interior designer! And I long for some more of your home styling posts !! Looks great !

    1. Thank you! My mom is an artist and actually painted this NYC skyline for me. I spent a summer in NY in college and it’s a way to always take the city with me wherever I go! Thanks for reading! XO –

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