I accidentally published this post last Wednesday for a little less than hour because I’m a ditz.  My apologies!!  TODAY, I’d like to share a quick, easy and inexpensive DIY Ikea Bar Cart Hack.

You may have caught a glimpse of this recent addition to our apartment here.  Allow me to explain myself.  I actually have a bar, seen on our apartment tour, and I’ve also styled a tray table into a bar here.  I have a feeling I’m acting as if I’m cocktailing much more than I actually am…but it’s just the decorative bar cart craze that I’ve fallen into!

I was in Ikea several weeks ago and stumbled across this basic kitchen cart for only $25.  We have a very small kitchen in our apartment and I thought this cart would be a great way to store decorative glasses and pitchers.  I also loved this one, but at only $25 I couldn’t pass this baby up.

Before I put it together, I spray painted all of the hardware and nails gold.  I put sprayed about three coats, letting each one dry about 20 minutes before spraying again.

I’m still using my current bar for our wine and liquor, this one is mainly for our glasses, pitchers and some cute decorative things.  Not a necessary addition to our apartment…but like I said, it was a fun $25 project and I was still unemployed at the time with some extra crafting time on my hands!

What do you think?  Thanks so much for sharing your input.  Don’t forget to enter the giveaway for this fab pave chainlink bracelet!  XO –

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14 thoughts on “Ikea Bar Cart Hack

  1. I went to the Ikea website and you can order it for $25 + $12 of shipping which is still not a bad price!

  2. Looks great! You’re such a great decorator! What brand and color spray paint did you use? I have a bar cart at home I wanted to spray paint and have been trying to figure out what to buy!

    1. Thank you sweet Amy! This was a Kyrlon metallic spray paint – I really liked the matte finish. I hope this helps!

    1. Oh my gosh – I don’t know if you want my advice on organizing shelving – I feel like I just cram it all on there because I have so much STUFF in this tiny apartment.

      I wish I didn’t love trinkets so much. Oh I wish.

    2. Ha! I was going to comment with the same thought! (I actually pinned your shelving decoration because that’s where my brain goes flat too! lol)

  3. I had been looking for an affordable bar cart for months now, and came across your post a couple weeks ago. I went out and bought the Ikea cart immediately and just finished mine last week! It looks great and only cost a total of $30! Thanks so much for the idea!

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