– watching ice skaters in Bryant Park –

– the most amazing, life changing, rich hot chocolate I’ve ever tasted –

– a Christmas dinner on our china…with Bailey watching VERY close by –

– blue hydrangeas –

– taking this reindeer to the beach on Christmas day –

As I write this post I have a belly full of leftovers and New Years resolutions to eat healthier and exercise more…pretty standard post-feast mindset, am I right?  We had a great week, Christian even got off of work around 10:30am on Christmas Eve so we were able to spend both Christmas Eve and Christmas Day together!  This was such an unexpected treat and I was so grateful to have that time with him, making our own little traditions and memories.

The Christmas decorations have already been taken down and stored away for next year and we are back to work and reality, but that break sure was nice!  Now we have NYE to look forward to, and I’ll probably be wearing this outfit. How was your Christmas and what are you planning for NYE?  Thank you so much for reading!! I hope y’all had a very special Christmas with the ones you love – XO –

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10 thoughts on “Friday’s Five

    1. Is that not hilarious!? Thanks so much for stopping by – love your blog name! XO –

  1. Bailey is just too sweet!! So happy you and Christian were able to spend the holiday together…you go girl for getting your decorations put away already…ours stay up until at least the 2nd haha!

    1. Thank you so much! Leaving decorations up until the 2nd is NOTHING! I know people who leave them up until Valentine’s Day! That’s a bit of a stretch, ha. Happy New Year to you!! XO –

    1. Thank you so much! It was the easiest way to dress for the NY Christmas heat wave – so crazy! Hope you had a Merry Christmas – XO –

  2. blue hydrangeas were the main flowers we used at our wedding since it was all blue and white and gold. funny how just seeing your picture makes memories of that day come flooding through!

    glad you had a wonderful christmas, and got the best gift: extra time with your man! days like that are the absolute best, no work, just you and your best friend!

    hope your new years was splendid as well!

    xo mk

  3. Ok, so I am deep in the throes of trying to choose a China pattern and I’m having such a hard time! Too many choices? What if it goes out of stock? What if I hate it in a year? Ha. Just wondering which one you went with!! Happy, happy New Year!

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