– this darling TAudrey date plate necklace with our wedding anniversary –

– a scoop of coconut milk & pistachio almond from our neighborhood ice cream shop –


– the best blowout of my life at Drybar – hello Southern hair! –

– a sweet surprise from Willow Boutique – I had so much fun taking over their instagram! –


– Noticing the majority of Queen Lula’s hair has finally grown in since her surgery (it seemed to take forever), thank you to those of you who have asked for an update!  We go back in two weeks for more x-rays to monitor the cancer to make sure nothing is spreading. –

Well here we are, days away from moving into our new space.  I am surrounded by boxes, tape guns, sharpies, bubble wrap and dust.  I am getting by…with wine and old school music playlists blaring.  We are so ready to say goodbye to our little apartment and embrace a bigger home with more space for Bailey the beast, galloping through the house!

I was fortunate to spend a few days in Beverly Hills this week for some work festivities – a nice break from the daily unglamorous packing grind.  A blowout and champagne so quickly takes you from feeling drab to fabulous, right!?  But the countdown is on and you know my type A personality is ready to roll!

Tell me what your plans are this weekend.  Let me live vicariously through you while I tape up boxes and listen to songs like this (singing like I own the place of course).  Thanks so much for reading!  XO –

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10 thoughts on “Friday’s Five

  1. Your hair looks gorg! We are heading to Kiawah this weekend until Monday! I am so excited to be at the beach, it feels like it’s been forever, and so happy to have an extra day there and off work of course 🙂

    Good luck moving, at least it is for the better!! Can’t wait to see the new place, I am sure it will be beyond fabulous!

    1. So fun!! Christian has told me about some of these little resorts outside SC – I would love to visit! THANKS for the good luck – I need it sister XO

  2. Your hair looks fabulous and I love the date plate – headed to check it out now!! Have a wonderful weekend! Hope the move goes smoothly!!

  3. Your hair looks amazing. Loving the blowout. It’s just convinced me that I have to grow my hair long again….We spent the weekend (Australia here – it’s Monday morning already) sitting in front of the fire and doing house chores. I also got to see the fabulous Keith Urban in concert once again (10th time). Also frames my gorgeous Megan Hess Paris Balloons print – check out her site and her prints you will fall in love!

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