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Part II of this year’s Valentine’s Day Gift Guide is here, and it’s all about the dudes (you can check out Part I here). Christian either has the item above, or it has been man-approved, so I feel confident I’m delivering honest picks (ok fine, I can’t make him use my Clarisonic, BUT I think it’s a great pick for a guy – we all need to exfoliate, right?).

This aquarium is extra cool to me – and seems so perfect for an office.  What are some things you have in mind for your guy or some great gifts you’ve given in years past?  I’m always looking for ideas!

Thanks for reading! XO –

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7 thoughts on “Valentine’s Day Gift Guide: For Him

    1. I totally agree. Come to think of it… I don’t think Christian has any cuff-linked shirts. I might need to get on that!

  1. I Love these great gift ideas Kathleen! My hubby makes my life easy when it comes to gift giving. He is always adding to/updating his Amazon wish list. However, I always try to surprise him with something unexpected. We both LOVE San Francisco! We spent half of our honeymoon exploring the city and the other half at a beautiful resort in the Napa Valley. Last year, I decided to create a little romantic wine and cheese tasting for him. I included some of our favorite wines from wineries we visited while we were there, mini desserts, gourmet cheeses and made sure to order this:
    My husband was OBSESSED with Boudin’s sour dough bread and they make a heart shaped version for Valentine’s Day! <3 This year, we plan on spending the day in NYC exploring our favorite Museum, and going to this great place we heard about in the downtown area that pairs wine or beer with different kinds of CUPCAKES! I can't wait! 🙂

    1. Ok… you win for best wife ever! How incredibly thoughtful and original!! Is it weird that I want in on your Valentine’s weekend adventures? Because this sounds amazing and this year I’m going to be in Palm Springs with Christian… while he’s in meetings for work and I’m at the pool by myself. I’ve paired wine with cupcakes but never beer – that sounds SO FUN. Seriously I want in. Maybe I can be the photog that just documents you and your husband!? 🙂

      1. LOL Kathleen. Feel free to fly out. I’m sure Christian would understand 😉 Cupcakes and booze? Who could resist that?!
        I hope you enjoy a wonderful V-Day poolside and are able to sneak in a romantic moment or two.
        Here is the place BTW..If you’re ever in NY.

  2. Every year I make my boyfriend dark chocolate covered strawberries. They are his absolute favorite and he doesn’t get them very often so it’s always special for him.

    1. I love traditions like that. So cute! I made Christian heart-shaped cookies on Sunday and his response was, “those don’t look like footballs.” I mean… #rude.

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