– the most perfect Valentine’s Day heels

maison-laderee-macarons baublebar

– a lazy pampering day and new ear baubles (from left to right) 1, 2, 3


– trying out Pacifica’s roll-on Perfume that is made with essential oils and is cruelty-free –


marquee letter of my dreams –


– pity flowers from C –

You guys.  This was A WEEK.  I know that sometimes blogs and social media can feel like a constant highlight reel.  “Look at this awesome outfit in a field of daisies with sunbeams in all the right places and candid photos of me casually laughing while putting a flower behind my ear!”  And you know what?  I’ve had some of these highlight reel moments thanks to this blog and YOU, the readers who actually take the time out of the day to visit and read, sharing your input and thoughts along the way.

BUT, I always want to be real.  Even when it’s not cute.  And even a little sad.  Let’s get personal (and on that note, you can visit more personal posts in the “Personal” category at the top of the page under “Category” in the navigation bar – more on this next week!).

I’m pretty sure this week was God telling me to check the ego.  To begin, I was emailed on Tuesday and invited to represent CBL the Grammy Awards.  I think my jaw hit the floor.  I said YES without even checking my schedule and texted Christian and my mom, envisioning what I was going to wear, down to the lipstick, jewelry and everything.  They were so stoked for me and their enthusiasm was beyond amazing!

Within three hours, I was actually uninvited. As in someone better came along and better luck next time.  I was SO SHOCKED, embarrassed, but also laughing out loud.  I tell this story to my coworkers, who literally laughed so hard that one of them shed tears.  And now everyone in my office thinks this is the most hilarious story ever (and it is), but I mean, talk about an ego check!  I don’t know if I’ve ever had an invitation retracted from me, so it was most certainly humbling.

Wednesday I attended a hot yoga class thanks to ClassPass OC.  On my way trotting there, my Havaiana flip flop broke. Let’s keep in mind this particular pair was bought in San Diego years ago when I was frantically running around a mall because my cell phone was stolen.  While trying to relocate my cell phone (which I never found), my flip flops broke so I had to walk barefoot to Urban Outfitters to buy the Havaianas. So it was beyond perfect that it was this exact pair that broke on me, leaving me barefoot again.  WAY TO LET ME DOWN FLIP FLOPS. I was like, “IS THIS FOR REAL!?” Still laughing, I show up barefoot to my yoga class like a true yogi.  Even better? I live in California, which is so chill, no one even realized I was barefoot.

Thankfully, I have the biggest cheerleader and supporter in Christian who made sure to pick up the beautiful pity flowers above between rounds at the hospital so I would come home to “sorry your week has kind of sucked” blooms.  I love him.

These are small problems.  So insignificant in big picture life, but I had to share it with you guys – because it’s real, and it’s not perfect.  Sometimes I have to put my phone away and avoid social media and magazines because I don’t want to compare my life to someone else’s highlight reel.  Comparison is the thief of joy and I have the power to keep my joy.  SO, this is my honest confession of my ridiculous week of ugly moments.

Tell me – have you had these moments when you don’t know whether to laugh or cry?  Tell me you chose to laugh!

Have a beautiful weekend XO –

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33 thoughts on “Friday’s Five

  1. Aw kiddo! Hey, it’s the Grammy’s loss, not yours – so screwify them! They clearly do *not* recognize an awesome guest when they see one. Listen, it’s way hotter to be able to have a “I was uninvited to the Grammys” story than a “I went to the Grammys” story…yes? Maybe next year, you’ll get the other story. In the meantime, girl, you were in PEOPLE! To die!

      1. Even on the red carpet I’ve seen a celebrity being interviewed only to then be cut off and interrupted by “an even hotter celebrity” who just happen to arrive and then they move on to that celebrity for half a second until the “even hotter” celebrity shows up and so on and so forth. . That just seems to be the way that goes. You’re relevant for 15 seconds and then it’s gone until they decide otherwise. I wouldn’t think of it as anything that had to do with you specifically; this is just the (sad) society we live (& participate) in.

  2. Who un-invities someone?! Tacky much?? Thank goodness for pretty flowers and supportive family and friends to help you laugh through it. Rollerball perfumes are my favorite for traveling!

  3. I appreciate this down-to-earth post, and I think everyone can relate to “should I laugh or should I cry?” moments.
    Case in point: This morning I wasn’t thinking and wore my beautiful new suede flats THROUGH THE SNOW to work. I frantically began trying to salvage them while teaching a Shakespeare sonnet about the ridiculousness of vanity. Talk about a teachable moment…for me!

    1. I am crying on the inside for your suede flats. The fact that you can clean your shoes while teaching Shakespeare makes you my personal hero (insert praise hands emoji).

  4. I’m glad you wrote about your crappy week. Sometimes I get so depressed looking at bloggers lives and wondering how they are so perfect. My husband always reminds me you’re not seeing their lives behind the frame. I know I struggle every day to keep it together. To whomever uninvited you it’s their loss! Also incredibly tacky!

    1. I’m glad you could appreciate my rant! Your husband is right. Don’t let someone else’s highlight reel take away from the joy of the great parts of YOUR life. Put away the phone whenever you feel that way (sometimes I definitely have to) – so not worth it! XOXO

  5. Love those heels, love the pity roses, love the story and you! I am still lol’ing about this week for you (and now even more about the flipflops)- but how amazing is it that you took it even more as a “self-check” from God as opposed to just blaming the world that it was a bad week. I often do this and I need to be more aware of it.

    Happy weekend girlfriend!

    Coffee Beans and Bobby Pins

  6. This post was great, not what happened to you but the honesty of it! I normally never comment on blogs that I follow but I really appreciated this! It’s really hard not to follow lifestyle blogs and imagine all these perfect lives all the time but this post really puts it all in perspective! Thanks! =) And so sorry about the Grammy’s, better luck next time!

    1. Well thank you so much for taking the time to comment and share! Totally understand where you’re coming from and seriously appreciate your opinion. I always want to be “real,” but also don’t want you guys to think I’m a negative or ungrateful person… so I try to have a little balance. But I’ve loved these comments so much that maybe I need be a little more honest regularly!

  7. That is the Grammy’s loss! That kind of behavior is so tacky on their part! I hope next week is better for you and that you have a fabulous weekend! xo

  8. I agree with Ann, this story will become more hilarious with every passing day, and if there’s anyone that can make people double over in laughter with a self-deprecating story, it is you! Your humor and timing are spot on. I’m only wishing I could hear you tell it in real life rather than reading it on your blog!!

  9. Oh my goodness, that is a week. I’m totally a crier; I cry, buy ice cream, flowers, and binge watch some hot men on tv. By the next day everything seems ok. Hope everything turns around this weekend….I hear the beach helps 😉

  10. “comparison is the thief of joy”
    is the truth.
    a good sense of humor like yours
    is valuable.

  11. I really appreciate this post. I just started blogging and I definitely don’t know what I’m doing yet so when I see amazing pictures and blog posts from other bloggers I’m just like “what am I doing? I don’t even know how to take a good picture yet”. Thanks for sharing!

    Nikki Ann

  12. Thanks for your honesty! I love your “real” posts so much.
    Ahem. And clearly the Grammy people need to get a Southerner on their event staff, because we would *know* you can’t UNINVITE someone. You pull up a folding chair, do what you got to do, but you don’t go yanking an invite. You could teach them a thing or two! 😉

    1. PREACH! I think Southerners are the rule of thumb for good manners – I seriously tell everyone that!

  13. Thanks for sharing. I love that you talked about comparison being the thief of joy- it is so easy to compare ourselves to others and see the grass on their side as greener. I am sorry you had a rough week though. Your flip flop story reminded me of my own. I too have had my flip flop break… in the library when I was in college and I had to walk across campus barefoot to meet my friend who luckily was able to give me a ride instead of my usual 15 min walk home. Definitely had to just laugh about it. 🙂 Also, that stinks about the Grammys but I agree with the comment above that it was very tacky on their part to extend an invitation and then uninvite you. Their loss! Love your blog! Keep being awesome! 🙂

    1. I love your friend. Thank GOD you didn’t have to walk home! Seriously, your “keep being awesome” comment MADE MY WEEK. Love you, mean it XO

  14. Gotta appreciate the moments when God says to slow down and not take life so seriously. For my “why me?” moment..last week, a motorcyclist ran straight into my car (with me and kiddos in it) and landed himself ON TOP OF MY CAR. It was like a movie scene, but instead on Bluecutt in good ol’ Columbus. Don’t worry, there’s a dent on my roof from his helmet.

    You’re a rockstar with or without the Grammys! Love ya!

    1. HOPE. OH-MA-GOSH. This would happen to you because you probably made is this hilarious moment that I now desperately wish I was there for. Was he like, new to his bike? That is HYSTERICAL.

  15. “When God closes a door, he always opens a window”. Sorry about the Grammy’s but I’m sure bigger and better opportunities will come along! Back when I worked as a makeup artist, I was asked by my district manager to participate in NY Fashion Week for the Betsey Johnson show. I was so excited, I told EVERYONE! Two weeks later, I got a call telling me that the lead artist preferred to work with his own team of artists, which unfortunately did not include me.

        1. Let’s try this one more time..LOL
          So a few months later I get a call asking me to work as a lead artist for Christian Dior Beauty at Bloomingdale’s for their Fashion’s Night Out event. I got to meet a ton of celebrities including one of my idols Gwen Stefani and (gasp) Anna Wintour! It was an incredible experience..so you see, better things are coming your way! Keep on smiling!
          🙂 Amelia

          1. Ok now I REALLY love this story! Anna Wintour!? That is incredible. Go you! Thank you so much for sharing your experience – and I am triple glad that things worked out so amazingly for you. Bravo! XO

  16. Kathleen,
    I follow many bloggers, many the one’s you describe who seemingly live perfect lives with perfect clothes, surrounded by perfect homes with perfectly arranged flowers and gorgeous children. As someone who could (almost) be your mom (I’d be a cool one!), I have to tell you that you would make a mother proud. Not only with this incredibly accurate and honest post, but everything…your style, class, and manners go a long way in the blogging world and beyond. I too, am from Orange County originally and I’m sure you are a breath of fresh air out there! Ironically, my Havianna’s broke the other night getting out of my car. Thank goodness I was in my garage and not at the grocery store or mall. Thank you for always keeping it real on your blog. I, for sure, will continue reading!! –Leslie

    1. Leslie – thank you so much for your kind words (and I know my mom will love reading this comment because since she’s my mom, you KNOW she reads ALL the comments). I’ve actually been so amazed at how friendly everyone is in Orange County – it’s made the transition here so much easier and we love the people! YES – I’m glad you were home when your sandals broke!! Thanks for your encouragement – seriously, y’alls feedback is so important to me. XOXO

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