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Because I always have a lust list, this week’s wish list is a little all over the place.  From a gold bar cart under $215 to classic neutrals, a scalloped swimsuit and a concealer I’ve been wanting to try – I actually keep a little note on my phone of  things I’ve got my eye on.  Is that weird?  I also keep notes of people’s travel tips/recommendations, movies I’d like to see and restaurants I’d like to try.

But this necklace… oh this necklace.  I usually like to layer statement necklaces for even more va-va-voom, but with this beauty I can tell I wouldn’t even need to worry with that. When it comes to jewelry, I’m usually a “more is more” kind of gal.  Call it the Southerner in me!

What’s on your wish list? Are y’all in this chilly weather living/spring wishin’ phase like me? Thanks for reading – XO –

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14 thoughts on “Wednesday Wish List

    1. That clutch is a classic! You know, I’ve never tried IT Cosmetics but I think its time I give it a whirl. Thank you for the suggestion!

  1. My lust lists are always all over the place as well! Oh heavens yes, it’s chilly here in Houston and I’m ready for some warmer weather ASAP. Great list…

  2. Your “lust” list is quite good! I especially love the necklace, earrings and handbag. I’m kind of into those items right now :-). Please keep the wonderful posts coming!

    1. I’ve heard it’s the real deal! I use Estee Lauder, but I think it’s time to switch it up! Glad to hear you love it –

  3. I do the same thing on my phone! Wish list for gift ideas, clothes I want and need, music I like, restaurants that look yummy, etc!
    I’m loving that scalloped bathing suit you have on your list! Hopefully mother nature will turn around and give us a reason to order it sometime soon!

  4. You’re totally not alone with keeping a “Wish List” note on your phone! I do it all the time and it keeps me on track when I’m out shopping. Now I make sure I spend my money on the things I need + want (instead of all the pretty distractions).

  5. I am a massive list hoarder haha. I always have list going in my phone- grocery lists, shopping lists, things to remember, things for the home. I think it helps me to stay focused and not over spend (well sometimes I get side-tracked but who doesn’t?). My current wish list includes booties, a new laptop, a black and white gingham shirt, and a Lo & Sons weekender bag.

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