I’m excited to team up with HP to share the new HP x360 laptop with you guys. HP is bending the rules with this bad boy and the lightweight laptop can be used four ways – traditional laptop, tablet, tent and stand.  I wanted to share the capabilities of this device with my favorite computer accessory… coffee!

I’m sharing my four favorite coffee recipes (as of late), kicking it off with a traditional latte and the traditional laptop. We’re still working on mastering our latte art, so we’re gonna need some time on that one. Don’t judge, we tried. When I actually get up when my alarm goes off (realistically 1-2x a week), I love to sit on our patio with Bailey and a hot cup of coffee.  I’ll share my blog post of the day on social media and catch up on emails.  I love that quiet morning time so much, you would think this would be more motivation to get out of bed.


I’ve shared a frappuccino recipe here, but this Caramel Frappé is like dessert. When our last apartment didn’t have air conditioning (and I was unemployed for a relaxing two months) icy cold morning frappuccinos were my go-to. My tip: use leftover coffee to make coffee ice cubes rather than using regular ice.

These days, this drink is more of a dessert, which pairs perfectly with the x360 used as a tent to catch up on my favorite shows (usually Girls).


I recently saw this iced Mint Mojito Iced Coffee here, and I was all MUST MAKE IMMEDIATELY.  This refreshing drink does not disappoint and is a great recipe for those weekend mornings when you have a little bit more time on your hands to take your coffee to the next level.

A perfect sip to go along with perusing the web and catch up on all the blogs I follow using my x360 as a tablet.



When I need an extra hitch in my giddy up (yes I just said that, I am from Mississippi y’all), espresso is my caffeine of choice.  I will pour espresso over ice cubes and top it off with some white mocha syrup.  As the ice melts and slightly dilutes the espresso, it’s still delicious to sip on all morning.  A great morning drink on the go!

Sidenote – having dual monitors is my work addiction.  Once you start working on two monitors, you can never go back.  It’s full-on #firstworldproblems.  With the x360, it’s so easy to use the laptop as a stand on my desk for an extra screen.



To add to the fun, HP is going on the road with Meghan Trainor to cover her That Bass tour this month and next month.  Follow along here!

What’s your favorite coffee drink? And I’m not talkin’ a regular cup of jo.  Let’s get creative here!  Thanks so much for reading and sharing – XO –

Thank you to HP for sponsoring this post.  As always, all opinions are my own!

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19 thoughts on “Four Favorite Coffee Drinks

    1. Ok this is good to hear you say because I always feel the opposite! I want to support the local java, but I feel like the chains have better tasting coffee. I’m going to keep trying!

  1. I am such a social butterfly when it comes to my coffee beverages. If I am at home I love just straight coffee or I’ll make a latte (in a mason jar- gotta have that foam on top). If I am out I usually go to Starbucks so if it is hot outside I get a hazelnut frapp with extra drizzle and espresso whip cream and if it is cold I really like the flat white. I think my favorite though is only available around Halloween- the Frankenfrapp. It is a green tea frappuccino with java chips, white chocolate syrup, topped with whipped cream and chocolate syrup. I know it sounds weird but it actually really good!

    1. Ok this is the best comment ever. I am LOVING your passion for good coffee! Never made a latte in a mason jar but I’m going to give that a try! Why have I never seen this Frankenfrapp? This is at Starbucks in October? I’m going to stalk it out this year! And I haven’t had a Flat White yet, but it sounds like it’s the THING. I’m on it!

      1. The mason jar is so good and fun! Gotta love Martha. The frankenfrapp is usually the week of Halloween and not all starbucks have it on the menu but if you order it they all know how to make it. The flat white is my new favorite! So rich and creamy.

  2. Mint Mojito iced coffee..YUM! Lately I’ve been into the new flat whites offered at starbucks. Have you tried it? It’s like a latte, but different, but totally worth the extra buck. That’s really the best I can explain it! I don’t know how they pull that flavor out of the espresso bean but it’s delicious.

    1. I haven’t, but when I was in Palm Desert and in the Starbucks line, everyone around me was ordering it. Is it like a latte, but just stronger? I’m intrigued and also confused.

  3. I love this collab! Very clever 😉
    I’d have to say my favorite coffee drink is a caramel macchiato! My fiance and I put an awesome espresso maker on our wedding registry so hopefully someone will splurge on us and get it so we can make them at home instead of having to go to Starbucks for them!

    1. Ooohh – yes I think having an espresso maker is such valuable kitchen device! Which one did you register for? I’d love to hear! XO

  4. A Cuban Cafe con Leche from Versailles in Miami – evaporated milk and Cuban coffee with tons of white sugar – it’s heaven in a mug!

  5. I’m going to be honest, this post is so inspiring to me. I read your post the other day about blogging and how it takes patience to become a “big blogger.” I can only hope that my little blog can take off like yours has! Thank you for bringing me daily inspiration to keep going.
    P.S. Those HP computers look so fun!!

  6. I get so bored with regular coffee. My guilty pleasure coffee drink is a Salted Caramel Frappe. My perfect mix of salty & sweet.

  7. Cute way of laying out a sponsored post. 🙂 I am a boring coffee drinker – I either like it completely plain/black, or with steamed soy/almond milk. I want to get that little doohicky (<–that's not a real word) that lets you froth your own milk at home!

  8. Completely off of the daily topic, but, where did you find the “B” pillow on your sofa?! Love it!

  9. Truly a big fan of your blog. You write so well and I LOVE how much personality you show throughout each entry. You even do that on you Instagram account which I enjoy too. Your post for newer bloggers was so inspiring. The tips were not only helpful but also inspiring! I think something that I would love to see on here would be tips on how you take pictures. Your instagram and blog pics always look GREAT! I know in your FAQ section you talk about what kind of camera you and your hubby use, and I know most of the time he does shoot your portraits. I think tips on what kind of starter camera people should look into would be helpful as well as easy instructions for settings. I look forward to your next blog post!

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