– a mimosa and mani morning on my first Saturday at home in quite some time –


– when Christian comes home with fruit from his coworker’s yards –


– marble pajamas that are just too good to be true –


– a new day cream that I can already tell will be a summer beauty favorite –

Sugarfina candy selection.

– the sweetest surprise from the most fabulous friend that I adore –

I’m currently ringing in the weekend from Miami, the land of some of the most beautiful people. Yowza!  The last time I was here was for my college bestie’s birthday four-ish years ago, and I remember feeling like I was the “real girl” in a sea of supermodels (you know you remember this SATC scene, a personal favorite).

I definitely plan on visiting Prime112 again with these California and New York girls I’m here with – the last time I was there I remember feeling super fancy when a stranger sent a drink to my table (no worries, I was years from being engaged to my dreamboat).  That kind of stuff never happens to me so let me relish in my moment.  I actually recently shared this story with Christian and he looked at me with attitude and gave me his usual review, “not impressed.”

I mean… sometimes I think I’ve created a sassy monster.

What do you guys have in store for the weekend?  I know it’s Mother’s Day weekend so some of you must have some sweet plans!  And if you have yet to get mom a gift (as in your mom, not my mom although I’m sure she’d love it), check out this post from last week with some of our family’s favorite gifts that don’t cost a thing.

Have a beautiful weekend and thanks so much for reading! XO –

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