Pairing pinot noir with food.

Cheers!  Why not start off a Monday with a little wine?  The best.  I’m always excited to try out a new bubbly or Pinot Noir, and today I’m sharing my favorite bruschetta recipe with a new bottle from Gloria Ferrer.

In our house, weekend nights are meant for quick dinners, comfortable clothes, good wine and good movies.  The night we enjoyed this light dinner on the patio, we realized that neither of us had ever seen Good Will Hunting. 9 Oscar nominations and we’ve never seen it!?!? That’s a problem.  It was so good – so long, but so good.  It felt crazy to see Matt Damon and Ben Affleck in this movie, knowing that they had written the screenplay, produced the film, acted in it and the film had been released by the time they were 27. I’m the same age and it makes me feel so #basic.

But back to the booze. This pinot noir was so smooth and to participate in the Be Glorious Photo Contest, I struck a pose with my Gloria Ferrer and my favorite accessory of the moment – tassel everything!  I can’t get enough of these tassel bracelets and the necklace is a perfect addition.  I know these pieces will be my summer staples, and now that I have a crisp new vino, summer nights can’t come soon enough!

Picking the perfect pinot noir. Seychelles propoganda booties. Classic Bruschetta recipe. Gold and Gray tassel bracelets. Michele Deco Diamond Watch.kathleen-barnessilver-and-gold-wine-glass Black three-legged cat.

chambray top c/o | denim c/o | mules c/o | tassel bracelets & necklace c/o | watch c/o | c bangle c/o | turquoise bangle c/o | kitty ring | gold rings c/o | gold bangle c/o

Don’t forget you can enter your photo by striking a pose with your fave Gloria Ferrer bubbly & fashion obsessed and tagging #GloriouslyGlam #BeGloriousContest.

Thanks so much for reading! Tell me your favorite wine – I’m always looking to try new vinos! XO –

Thank you Gloria Ferrer for sponsoring this post!

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25 thoughts on “Cheers with Gloria Ferrer

    1. Thanks gf! Yes, yes you do. I recently have been trying more sparkling wines and I’m with you – they’re delish! Thanks for sharing! XO

  1. I enjoy a good pinot noir every once in awhile and will definitely give this one a try. Oh and your bruschetta looks wonderful. Tassel’s for summer are always a good idea…

  2. This looks like such a great time! I definitely need to try out the Bruschetta recipe, and of course, the Pinot Noir! Tassels are taking over and I need to purchase some. It’s crazy to think I don’t own anything with a tassel, lol!

    Happy Monday!

  3. Lu is looking good! Maybe wine really is the key to a long life. 😉 Glad she is doing well.

    1. Aww thank you Brandie! She is doing really well, we are so grateful to have her for longer than we expected! She’s proving her vet oncologist wrong – go figure! XO

  4. Love the picture of Lula – she is SUCH a beauty with those white whiskers and I can’t wait to see her next week! You’re pretty special too. 🙂

  5. Love this look! OMG. You’re just the cutest! I need to try this wine. I seriously love sweet wines…oops. They taste like candy I can’t help myself. For a rose, you HAVE to try Whispering Angel. I tried it in Feb at SOHO house in Hollywood and wow..its amazing. I also loooooove the Sofia wines by Sofia Coppola. If you haven’t tried her wine you seriously need to. So good and such a pretty bottle.
    xx, Tessa |

    1. I’ve heard a lot of amazing things about Whispering Angel, I need to try that! I think the name just makes me LOL every time. 🙂 I love the Sofia wines too! Totally agree – that bottle is perfection. Thanks for sharing and for your sweetness! XO

    1. I want in on your family adventures – it looks like you guys have so much fun!!!

  6. Just started following your blog and I love it! I’m a wee bit older so I may not be able to pull off all your looks, but I love your style. Pinot noir is hands down my most favorite wine. A small production winery in Healdsburg called Papapietro Perry Winery is our favorite. The hubs and I try not to drink more than one bottle a week (because it’s a little pricey) but it’s soooooo worth it. Cheers!

    1. Welcome Gigi! Girl, please. You know it’s all about knowing what works for your body! Thanks so much for sharing your favorite winery. My husband and I have yet to visit Napa and Sonoma, but this spot is definitely going to be on the list if we make it up there! Thank you so much for the rec and of course, for reading. 🙂 Cheers to you!!

  7. Your photos are gorgeous! That husband of yours knows his way around the camera! Is there anything he can’t do?! Love these photos, your gorgeous outfit and this wine! And my fiancé and I have never seen Good Will Hunting either! I’ve always meant to watch it but just haven’t made it happen yet for some reason – this is definitely a problem! xx

    1. Girl please – he is just a good sport!! And now you definitely need to watch that movie! XO

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