Colorful berries at the farmers market.

– the farmer’s market berry selection by our house never disappoints –

Pink peonies.

– peony season at Trader Joe’s –

Fashion illustration

– this lovely sketch by Gabriela Giliberto of this outfit that made my day –


– my Dad proud to photo bomb my blog pics –

Dermalogica products.

– some goodies to try out thanks to my friends at Luna –

To start off the week with a trip to Disneyland with your parents just can’t be beat (you may have seen some of the instagram pics that my Dad took for me, how cute is he?).  I had so much fun playing around Orange County with my parents, and Christian was even able to join us on Saturday which was a treat.  I sent them on their way to LA earlier this week, and I plan to join them today for a weekend in LA while Christian stays back to work.

Do any of you live far away from your parents and when they come to visit you’re totally surprised at what does and doesn’t impress them?  I took my parents to some of our favorite spots, thinking I already knew what the “wow” factor would be.  It turns out they were most impressed with a really tall eucalyptus tree down the street (like… who cares?), discovering the world’s largest wind chime at Fashion Island and a hipster ice cream place that bragged on the fact that its cows slept on memory foam mattresses (I live in Southern California… this is real life).  Of course we had sunsets and Disney fireworks every night (you can see them from the town where I live), but I was like… really!?  You think the beet hummus from Trader Joe’s is more impressive than this Laguna Beach sunset?  Hhhhmmmm… “parents just don’t understand.”

So after my Dad performed his first-ever photobomb (he was proud), my parents told me I was wearing them out with all the activities I had planned and that on Sunday they wanted to take it easy at my house, get a good night’s sleep before our Disney adventure (we walked over 10 miles) and “take my blog pictures.” I started laughing and it only made them more determined.  SO, this coming week you’re going to see photos by Dr. Williams, and I’m telling you – they’re not half bad!  I told my Dad he needed to tell Christian, “I don’t know what you complain about… this isn’t that hard.”  But of course he didn’t. #brocode

What are you guys doing this weekend?  And please tell me funny stories about your parents – I know I’m not the only one who spends 15 minutes trying to explain to my them what “ride or die” means. Thanks for reading! XO – 

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19 thoughts on “Friday’s Five

  1. Omg, once my dad called me while I was hiking Fryman Canyon here in the good ol’ San Fernando Valley, and when I told him I was alone, he freaked out. He was like…you shouldn’t be on hiking trails all by yourself, there could be bad people out there waiting for you, you need to be safe! And I’m like….yeah, I’d like to see someone try to kidnap me at the top of this hike and then carry me all the way back down to the bottom amidst countless other hikers while I’m kicking and screaming, I’m sure that its not safe ;).
    – Jessica
    Miss Moore Style

    1. I came on here to tell kid story and I think I’m going to comment on all the comments as a parent!
      I run at night a lot BUT I’m very careful. I run on the main streets, I have safety things with me, I tell my husband where I’m going and I try to follow basic rules. And I never leave AFTER it gets dark I just happen to end up in the dark.
      But I never ever run on a trail. They aren’t carrying you down. They’re just gonna kill you right there. I don’t even mess around with the trails. Even in town. Too freakin’ scary. Be careful. I’m with your dad.

  2. You’re parents sound so fun, and it sounds like you guys had a great time in Orange County. I’m dying to know what hipster ice cream place you’re talking about!

    Shae @ Current Habits

  3. I always look forward to your Friday’s Five posts, but this one was especially good! Loved hearing about your parents, and I’m so impressed with their photography skills! My dad takes my blog photos once in awhile and gets so into it 😉

    Have an amazing weekend in LA!

  4. Okay, this was just an *awesome* post today…funny, charming! The berry pic is just gorgeous. The sketch is actually of one of my all-time favorite outfit posts ever…dayam that outfit smokes! The Dad photobomb is just the absolute bestest. And then you had to throw in cows sleeping on memory foam, which was, for me, the total clincher. You can’t make this shit UP, man. I cannot think of anything that could beat this little tidbit today – it wins “best of day” hands down. But more importantly, do we really know if cows would prefer memory foam to a sleep number bed??? These are things I’d really like to know.

    1. Aaaannnddd your comment absolutely made my day. I agree with you on the memory foam vs. sleep number. Personally I would have to vote sleep number, however I feel it determines if cows are sharing, and due to their body size, I’m going to say no. Therefore I vote memory foam for the cows, final answer.

  5. Haha, your dad is so cute!! My mom took some of my pics last week and she was so funny… “oh, wait, there was a car riding by in the background. Redo! And the lighting is better if I stand over here!” It was really sweet how good she wanted them to turn out 🙂

    Have a fab weekend!

    laurel //

    1. HAHA! I mean, you have to appreciate their efforts, even if they don’t get it. 🙂 Love a good Southern mama!

  6. Loved this post – stories of your parents crack me up! My fiance and I just made the move to California and I am so looking forward to finally trying out some of these amazing recos! Have a fab weekend, cheers 🙂

  7. What a gorgeous sketch! And peonies are my favorite! Your parents sound like mine! Haha They live halfway across the country from me and I miss them so much. But then my dad comes to visit and goes to a blog thing with me and drinks one glass of wine and gets tipsy because he never drinks and tells the brand he’s a big fan of the competition. I can’t make this stuff up. haha

    Her Heartland Soul

  8. I’m on vacation with my sister at the moment and my Dad, the sweetest Dad ever, sends a text that says “who should I sent the C Note to to cover a dinner out for you?” Ah Dad, where’d you learn “C Note”? Cutest.

  9. I just went to Arkansas with my mom. Now…I’m excited to do things like run on the Great Wall of China, right? She’s so excited to see the Bill and Hillary Clinton National Airport she calls her husband to tell him. HE’S excited. This woman traveled to Europe (when I lived in Germany…she’s seen a lot), she visits my sister where you live actually…and still this airport in Arkansas…that’s it. She can die happy now. Go figure.
    Also…I know Southern California (sister…) and oh my gosh that comment on the cows. I cracked up.So true. Hilarious.

    1. Ok I read this comment out loud to my parents and we all laughed out loud. LOVE IT. Please tell me you have watched the SNL Hillary impersonations with your mom – please.

    1. Welcome Aimee and thanks for the sweet words! LOVE your blog name – I’m going to check it out! XO

  10. I love that your Dad photo bombed your picture! My mom took some blog pictures for me while we were vacationing in Nashville recently and I really liked when she did because she was just as particular as I am, that my top was laying the right way, the wrinkles were ironed out, etc, lol almost MORE so than me! Guess I know where I get it from! Hope you had a nice weekend with them!

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