best christmas movies 2015

1. Elf.  Christian’s favorite – needs no explanation!

2. How the Grinch Stole Christmas with Jim Carrey.  My favorite – it always has been and I was completely amazed with how incredible Jim Carrey’s performance was!  I don’t think it’s shocking that this has always been my favorite scene.

3. Home Alone, I and II.  Obviously.  When C told me he didn’t grow up watching these I was like… “WERE YOU LIVING UNDER A ROCK?” Am I the only who thinks this series is like, the ABC’s of Christmas movies?

4. Four Christmases. This scene brings tears of laughter to my eyes every time.

5. The Family Stone – reminds me of my crazy family and makes me feel a little closer to home. Luke Wilson – I love him in everything!  Even the preview makes me smile.

6. White Christmas – I actually watched this movie for the first time ever a few weeks ago and was totally charmed by it! I can’t believe I’d never seen it – it’s adorable.

7. While You Were Sleeping. I don’t think everyone considers this a holiday movie, but it the majority of it takes place over the holidays, so I considering it one! One of my top two favorite movies ever, along with You’ve Got Mail (another one that partially takes place over the holidays).  My family uses the quote “these mashed potatoes are so creamy” when there are multiple conversations going on – love it!

8. Ok so Friends isn’t a holiday movie, this is true, BUT there are so many great Christmas episodes and the holiday armadillo has to be my favorite. Ross wants to teach his son more about Hannakuh but feels he has to “one up” Santa in order to get his attention.  Season 7, episode 10.  Hilar.  If you want more Friends Christmas episodes, you can find a full list here.

9. The Holiday.  Just real, real cute.  And I want Jude Law’s daughters + their little accents.

So these are my favorites this time of year, tell me – what will you be watching this weekend with your family? I’d love to expand my collection! Thanks so much for reading and Happy Holidays to each and every one of you. I’m so grateful for your support and friendship – XO –

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15 thoughts on “Favorite Holiday Movies

  1. Love this, especially that you added the Friends Holiday Armadillo episode! SO funny! I made my husband DVR every Christmas movie I love this year and he made fun of me because he said there won’t be time to watch them all. (PSH!) Home Alone will always be #1 for me, some more of my favorites are Christmas Vacation (LOVE Chevy Chase), The Santa Clause (1,2 and even 3), an ABC Family movie called 12 Dates of Christmas (with Amy Smart and MP Gosseller – it’s on tonight – watch it, you’ll love it!) and Frozen has been added to my list recently!

    Ok I’m rambling. Christmas movies excite me! Happy Holidays!


  2. These are all so great! But I absolutely love watching Love Actually (any time of the year really, but it is a must see during the holidays). I also love Christmas Vacation! Every year my family watches it on Christmas Eve, it never gets old. Happy Holidays!

  3. Love your choices. Didn’t you pretty much watch Elf everyday of freshman year at Ole Miss due to your roommate Jill loving it so much? I would have to add Love Actually on here. Many great scenes but love the one at the jewelry counter where the husband wants the gift wrapped quickly and the clerk keeps adding special scented touches into the bag. hahahahaah!!!

  4. I must say that you’ve left off what I consider THE quintessential Christmas movie, Christmas Vacation! It has me rolling every time. Also the animated Grinch movie, I’ve been known to play it on repeat over and over as background entertainment in the days leading up to Christmas; it never gets old!

    1. Ok I think because I didn’t grow up watching that movie I don’t think it’s that funny – which I know is NOT the norm! I love the animated version of the Grinch too – so cute! Max the dog is just THE BEST!

  5. I won the Grinch in a Dirty Santa game this past weekend. I took it because I didn’t think I owned it; I know – crazy.

    But my absolute favorite that I do own is FOUR CHRISTMASES. It is by far the funniest one – I love Vince Vaughn and the way he comes up with some of what he says is hilarious. My favorite scene(s) are when they are at his dad’s house – and they hand out the gifts – tear the satellite dish through the house – all of it. Also when grandma at her mom’s house says that thing about her husband. Kills me.

    1. I LOVE that movie! I think the Christmas play has to be my favorite scene, but I also love when they reveal his name is Orlando – can’t handle it.

  6. I always watch Love Actually with my husband during the holidays. Love it! That, and Elf. 🙂

  7. I love The Holiday too!! and quoting those little girls- Mr. Napkin Head! In my fake British accent <3 too cute

  8. Allll of the ones you mentioned in addition to: All I Want for Christmas, The Best Christmas Pagent Ever and Muppets Christmas Carol are my go-to holiday flicks.

    Love The Holiday – “you don’t like tents?”

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