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First post of 2016!! Thank you guys for all the sweet words in last week’s “best of” post and this Instagram – each of you that engages with me in comments, messages, emails, tweets – you bring so much joy into my life and I can’t thank you enough!  I hope everyone had a fab holiday break.  I enjoyed some days off myself, and it was the first time I’ve unplugged in quite some time. It felt good.

SO, I’ve had this adorable bar cart since October but it sold out so quickly that I’ve been waiting to share this fun post with you guys until it’s been restocked!  So it was restocked a little over a week ago… and then sold out yesterday – oy vey. NO worries – I’m sharing several other bar cart options that are totally affordable and marked down!

It’s obvious what you put on a bar cart… alcohol, right? But there are so many different ways you can style a bar cart. They can be used for multiple purposes, so today I want to share three of the ways I use our bar cart that aren’t your traditional booze cruise on wheels (not that I am against that concept, I fully support it!).

First, we have a coffee cart. A great way to use your bar cart when you have overnight guests!  When we have overnight visitors I always pull out the cream and sugar and set the coffee in case they wake before I do and want a cup.  I think pulling out a cart, having it prepped (of course the coffee will be in the coffee pot and the creamer will be stored in the fridge) it such a thoughtful touch.

Second is probably the most common way I use this little cart.  I fill it with candles and light it when we’re having dinner.  It gives that romantic ambiance without cluttering the dinner table.

Lastly, kitchen storage! Adding your cookbooks and some cookware is a really cute way to bring the cart into the kitchen without it looking like you’re pouring wine in your coffee cup. But maybe you are? I’m not judging.

juliska berry and thread white cup and saucer gold bar cart ralphs coffee styling a bar cart into a coffee cart world market bar cart

bar cart c/o | Ralph’s Coffee | similar wood pedestal | candle c/o | glass container c/o | similar monogram mugs | teapot | candlesticks | sugar and cream containers – Target, old, love these | cup and saucer | chair and slipcover c/o | monogram pillows | similar table here and here

Style 2:

candles on a bar cart unique ways to style a bar cart different ways to style a bar cart romantic bar cart

bar cart c/o | similar candlesticks | candle 1, 2 c/o | tory burch candle | similar antler candlesticks | wine glasses c/o | wine c/o Seven Daughters Wine

Style 3:

kitchen cart geodes on shelving how to style a bar cart

bar cart c/o | marble utensil holder/wine cooler | similar geode bookends | Annieglass wine coaster | similar pineapple vase | candle c/o | similar colanders here and here


Do you have any ideas for styling a bar cart? I’m always looking for new ways to incorporate it… like a hot cocoa cart, patio bar cart or even nightstand.

Thanks so much for reading – I hope you guys liked this post… I love sharing home posts! XO –

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17 thoughts on “Bar Cart: 3 Ways

  1. Happy New Year! I just wanted to reach out and tell you that I love, love, love your blog. Your style is so great and you inspire me (a pretty boring jeans and t-shirt kind of girl) to step it up and take some risks! Looking forward to reading all your 2016 posts. 🙂

  2. I love love love the ways you styled it, my favorite is with the coffee! We have a bar cart too, and I think my favorite thing about it is decorating it with the different holidays. So fun!

  3. Gosh it’s hard to pick a favourite style – all three are gorgeous! I love the idea of putting out coffee & cream for overnight guests, that’s so thoughtful. I think my favourite would have to be the candles & wine though, that would make a dinner date at home extra romantic!

  4. What a neat post- you are so creative! I would not have thought to style it like this. I also have three kids under 3 so my days of styling a bar cart are behind me (for now). I love World Market, very cool collaboration!
    Xo, Tara

  5. I recently got a gorgeous, very similar bar cart from Target. With all of the holidays here, I’ve had it set up as a traditional bar cart on top and filled with games below. That way when guests were over, I just wheeled it into the living room and kept the party going!

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