yosi samra lara flats

– my new favorite flats, how cute are these silver espadrilles? –

orange county sunset

– a pretty sunset while feeling like Marissa in the OC on the lifeguard stand –

packing a suitcase

– packing for a two-week tour of New Orleans, Mississippi and Nashville –

teeth whitening kit

– excited to try a new teeth whitening kit, this one was so much better than your average white strips and you can get it 75% off with the code xoKathleen! –

wallet on a chain

– the smallest, cutest little lady

This is a fun Friday because I’ve just arrived in New Orleans for one of my best friend’s wedding! Nikki of My Style Diaries get’s married this weekend and I’m so honored to be a bridesmaid on her special day.  She is the most relaxed, low-maintenance bride I’ve ever met, and she has had the most amazing attitude throughout the entire process.  It really shows how she is all about the marriage and not stressing too much about the wedding. I’m sure I’ll be snapping away on Snapchat: CBLied if you’re interested in some behind-the-scenes goodness!

Yesterday I left California for my two week tour de South, and I’m so excited to really catch up with my family and friends.  I’ve actually only been to Mississippi once in almost three years, so I’m way overdue for a big visit! I have a nephew I’ve never met, so I have to introduce myself to the little chunky monkey. For the longest time I only had so many vacation days, and it’s such a trek to get across the country (and quite expensive because the airports in MS are so small… like, more expensive than a flight to Hawaii), so now that I am able to manage my own schedule and “vacation days,” I realize what a privilege it is to be able to take the time to do this.  I definitely don’t take it for granted!

Thank you guys so much for reading – appreciate each of you! XO –

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18 thoughts on “Friday’s Five

  1. Such a fun post! I always love your Friday favs! My family (I’m one of five!) is all in Boston and I totally feel you on the crazy expensive flights! I usually go back every other month! I have had so many good friends get married (and I always attend those bachelorette parties!) in the last few years. There seems to always be something I need to get back there for. I am so excited for you not to have “vacation days” – I work part time- the flexibility is the best!
    Xo, Tara

    1. You are SO right. Imagine trying to go home more often when you only have 15 days all year to choose between – so complicated! Cheers to you for having your own schedule. You’re right – it IS the best. Such a gift!!

  2. Will you be doing a speaking event or some type of meet up while in Oxford? I’m a student at Ole Miss and would love to attend! E

    1. Oh my gosh I’m so flattered you would think I’m cool enough to do a speaking event! I don’t have any plans to – but I’ll be bee-boppin around town and hoping to stop in the Chi O house to see how fancy it’s looking these days!

  3. Your pink Prada bag is so cute! Those bags are so nice I’m saving up to for one of my own!
    Aimee x
    Cappuccino in the Clouds

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