pumpkin bread recipe

– filling up the house with the smell of pumpkin bread

carrie bradshaw lied home

– a beautiful surprise delivery of flowers from the amazing team at Fashion Island

dolce and gabbana bag

– adding a new classic bag to my collection from Luisa Via Roma – more on this soon! –

royal palace

– arriving in London (it’s my first time here!) and having my breath taken away by Buckingham Palace –

london must-sees

– and visiting Westminster Abbey… I want to go back for the tour! –

Happy Friday! This week is a little different than the past few… we arrived in London this week, and I’m exploring the city for the first time. It is every bit as beautiful as I imagined, and much more spread out than I anticipated! But I’m learning the tube (their subway), and learning to embrace the culture like a true Englishwoman. Is that a word? If not, let’s make it one.

I am getting caught up with my jetlag, and this crisp fall weather is certainly helping. I left Orange County during the Santa Ana heat/wind storm, so having a cool breeze here is seriously refreshing.

Not going to lie – I am seriously missing C and the pets already, but thankfully I am staying a few nights with the sweetest of the sweet Haley of Sequins and Things, and she has the cutest mini dachshund rescue named Fish. I’ve found that when I’m traveling and can love on someone else’s pet, it helps to make me miss mine less. Anyone else that way? Ssshhh… don’t tell Bailey and Lu!

I have another week in Europe with a weekend trip to Amstersdam this weekend, so there will be more to come – including photos of travels and what we did (and recommend)! If you have any London or Amerstam favorites, I’d love to hear.

Thanks so much for reading and for the love! You can follow my Euro adventures (like eating beans for a traditional English breakfast and tryin’ to drink pints at the pub) on Instagram here.  Have a beautiful weekend – XO –

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16 thoughts on “Friday’s Five

  1. So envious of you trip – FUN!

    By far, Amsterdam is my fave city I’ve visited in Europe – it’s just beyond fantastic…you’ll see. Friendliest, most gracious, and helpful people ever…it’s just a pleasure to be there. And the charm of it is going to blow your mind!

    Of course, I have to recommend you visit the Van Gogh Museum to see some iconic pieces that you’ve only probably ever seen in pictures…not in person. They are amazing to see / consider in person. Could also see the Anne Frank House. Wander around and shop, um, duh (who do I think I’m talking to here..??!!?). And obviously, check out the cafes; and the Red Light District at night – it’s really safe to go there – I walked the district by myself as I was traveling for work, and felt totally safe at all times.

    Have FUN!

    1. Oh wow – thank you so much for these amazing recommendations! We are going to the Anne Frank house – I can’t wait! Thank you again for taking the time to share all of that!

  2. Pumpkin bread looks great! Also, where did you get the fluffy charm on the bag? So cute! It didn’t seem to be a part of the original purse.

    Amsterdam is fantastic! There is an amazing variety of international food. I remember sitting outside eating dinner and counting the different countries represented and being impressed. I agree that the Van Gogh museum is great! The line to get into the Anne Franke house can be very long–just be prepared! Have fun!

    1. The charm is actually Zac Zac Posen and is not yet available, but it will be soon! Thank you so much for the recs – we are going to the the Anne Frank House and I can’t wait!

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