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I mean, this time of year I’m all about drawstring pants, hot chocolate, fuzzy socks and a great candle. Even better if the hot chocolate is replaced with an eggnog latte. It’s #basic, but also basically heavenly so I accept it without shame.

This blanket looks so luxe and comes in so many colors… while still being under $40. I can’t get over it – a must! I think some of these items would make great gifts for sisters, girlfriends or coworkers, and I included a few extra items in the shoppable thumbnails, so feel free to peruse through.

If you have a cozy something you’ve purchased recently, I want to hear. Now I’m going to go and put in my fireplace video. You know I love it (more about that here).

Thanks so much for reading! Stay cozy, and if you have any cozy favorites, I’d love to hear (I’m always excited to expand my blanket and sock collection) – XO –

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9 thoughts on “Cozy Gift Guide

  1. This Mississippi Delta Girl is in Dallas today. My first stop is Nordstrom’s for that pom-pom cap and the cozy socks. ??

  2. I love all of the ideas! This actually came in handy just now because my best friend didn’t know what to give me for my birthday so I sent her the link to this post haha

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