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I shared some of my favorite girly V-Day picks last week here, but of course we have to remember the dudes. My dad’s birthday is actually the day before Valentine’s, so I’ve had my eye on some guy gifts!

Per usual, Christian actually owns most of these things.  His two favorite dude skincare brands are this one and this one, so I always know that a replenished stock is well received.  I bought him these for Christmas and he always wears them around the house. I got him this bag for work last year for his birthday and he uses it all the time, and I’ve been trying to get him to wear these sunnies but he won’t break his wayfarer habit!

Of course, I think the best gift any guy could get is a home cooked meal and/or a great dessert. If I know Christian – this is definitely the case for him. He has a sweet tooth like no other!

If you have an dude gift suggestion – I’d love to hear. I’m always looking for new ideas!! Thanks so much for reading – XO –

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11 thoughts on “Valentine’s Day Gift Guide: For Him

  1. This year I’m getting The Mister the Coravin Wine Needle…He’s the wine lover of the house. I would LOVE to be able to get him skin care products because his products consist of water and a towel!!! Seriously!!!
    Today, I’ve posted MY Valentine Wish List. I told him I will pick out my gifts for him to order today (as usual…this is why we get along so well!!!). Love your choices!

  2. Love that you included a Kiehl’s! My handsome half and I religiously use their products. For Christmas 2015, I got him the men’s clarisonic. It’s specially made so the brush doesn’t get caught in their beards!

  3. Great ideas as always‼️ An addition might be Black Jack products. I’ve used them as stocking stuffers for my 31 year old son ( as a Mississippi Delta girl, we won’t discuss my age) for years. He uses many of the products, but his favorite is the “all over body wash for body,hair and face”. Happy ❤️ Day

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