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Color me pink and red – hello February! I actually got engaged three days after Valentine’s Day, but Christian picked up and paid for the engagement ring on Valentine’s Day – isn’t that funny? Poor guy had to then go buy me flowers and candy so I wouldn’t get suspicious! God bless.

We don’t really go all out for Valentine’s because it is so closely after Christmas, but it’s always fun to give a small something. It’s such a cute holiday whether you’re in a relationship or single. Some of my favorite V-Day memories were chick flicks and heart shaped pizzas with my roommates in college!

Above are some of my favorite girly picks. This glass holds one entire bottle of wine… which is amazing. This little pouch is maybe the cutest thing ever, and I think these sneakers are adorable and would great with everything this spring and summer.

Do you have Valentine’s Day traditions? I’d love to hear! Thanks so much for reading – XO –

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6 thoughts on “Valentine’s Day Gift Guide: For Her

  1. Great choices for a little something! I’m dying over that “Hot Stuff” clutch! My dad is the Sriracha-obsessed one in the family… I wonder what he’d think if I gifted it to him.?

    My boyfriend and I usually do something adventurous on Valentine’s Day. We celebrated our first one spent together by doing a ropes course, which was so fun and memorable! We’re both kind of homebodies, so we usually try to stay away from restaurants on the 14th to avoid the crowds and we’ll go out for dinner or drinks a few days later! I also have fond memories of my many years of single-ness filled with Galentine’s celebrations with my closest girlfriends. ❤️

    Happy February, Kathleen!

    XO, Emily
    Epicurean Emily

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