carrie bradshaw lied home

– finding some palms at the grocery store (mom tells me this is fatsia) and hoping they’ll live forever (I wish it was easier to find them!) –

customized shampoo

– excited to try this new shampoo/conditioner from Function of Beauty that you can customize to your current hair and hair goals! –

world market bar cart

– rearranging our kitchen bar cart

carrie bradshaw lied home

– planting paper whites that my sis-in-law bought me, looking forward to watching them grow!

suede cowgirl boots

– a special surprise from my friends at Tecovas, I love these suede boots! –

Happy Friday! I hope you guys have some fun plans this weekend. I’ll be spending some time in LA for some events as well as playing with my nephews. I haven’t spent much time with them since Christmas and I feel like they’re growing so quickly (I know that sounds so cliché but I mean it)!

I started Whole30 on Tuesday… which I definitely had no been planning on doing!  I have been sleeping really poorly since I returned home from Paris, despite trying sleepytime teas, essential oils, etc.. I really don’t want to be taking medicine each night to sleep and we don’t have any major travel plans coming up, so I thought I would return to this eating program and see how it goes.  I’m a little less strict because I know what foods cause inflammation for me already thanks to this experiment last year, but I’m going to stick with it as best as possible (this means on our two weekend trips we have I will probably cheating with my favorite thing… red wine!).

Last year I did Whole30 and shared weekly pros/cons with you guys (you can see them all in the food category), and if you would be interested in hearing about the recipes and so on this time around, let me know!  Honestly, so far it has been 10x easier than last year because we kept up a lot of the eating habits and I know the “rules” already. It’s eating out that’s the struggle, so I’m just trying to avoid dining out as much as possible.

SO, if you would like to hear more about this year’s journey, let me know what format you like best – weekly, recipe shares only or even just a final recap of changes, favorite recipes, etc. I know it seems like everyone is on Whole30 this time of year, so I certainly don’t want to exhaust your eyes if you’re over it. I get it!

 I hope you guys have a great weekend! As always, thanks so much for reading – XO –

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  1. I’m on day 27 of the Whole30 and this is my 3rd round of it. It totally gets easier the more time you do it, but I agree, eating out is the hardest part for me. What’s worked best for me is cook once, eat twice. So I cook enough dinner to have left overs for the lunch the following day, that limits SOME of the time in the kitchen without having too much food boredom. Good luck this round!

  2. I spy Andy Cohen’s book, Superficial! is it any good? I’ve read his first one and really liked it! Also, if I work out early in the morning I sleep so good when bed time rolls around.

    1. We love the ottoman and selected it because we mostly put our feet up on the coffee table!

  3. I would love to hear receipes and a weekly recap, if possible. I’m really wanting to do it, but I love to hear different experiences about it. Also, if you do whole30, is it best to buy the book?


  4. I would really, really love to see more of your cooking. Maybe a weekly cooking post? The fried rice from Snapchat a week or so ago looked so good, and I wanted to know the ingredients and process you used. It’s hard not to get overwhelmed by some of the more difficult healthy-eating recipes, but you make it look simple (and pretty)!

  5. I am going to be starting Whole30 next week! I would LOVE to hear your progress and recipes! Good luck with your sleeping. I know I sound like a broken record, but drinking room temperature water always helps to calm my mind and go to sleep. P.S. I love watching your snaps and your dog sleeping under the coffee table is too cute. Our husky does something similar. 🙂

  6. Eek! We did whole 30 2 years ago and it was SO neat!! The recipes were actually really yummy and for the first time in my life I didnt bloat the week leading up to my period! We’re vegan now but if we weren’t we would totally do it again! I’d love some updates while you do it!

    xo, jess

  7. Where did you get your natural rug from? I’m looking for something similar and would love to hear if you like yours?!

  8. I have a love/hate relationship with Whole30; I love how I feel on it but I hate dealing with going out! Also hate giving up wine. I’ve done a few (3 or 4? can’t remember), and giving up wine is always the hardest part.

    I’d love to hear how you navigate social situations. I know I’m gonna have to do another pretty soon (current political climate has me stress-eating entire boxes of cookies by myself), but I don’t want to avoid going out with my friends!

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