urban decay roller ball perfume

– a new scent that has me getting compliments left and right (available on UrbanDecay.com 6/7!) –

scalloped kitten heels

– scalloped kitten heels I plan to wear for everything, snagged the best deal by scouting them through Purcado

– soaking up some time with Lula before I leave town again… and it mostly means me watching her sleep –

donna morgan maxi dress

– preparing for another week in Mexico –

turquoise statement ring

– the prettiest statement rings from Fervor Montreal –

Not going to lie, this has been a week I’m happy to have behind me. I’ve had numerous personal and professional sagas not worth getting into, BUT it’s been a real test of my patience and attitude… and the verdict is I have a lot of improvement to make!

Thank you guys so much for your patience while I work on these technical issues.  I know my blog posts haven’t been emailing out like usual this week (amongst other visual site errors), but day by day we have been working on this and here’s to hoping next week will be smoother!

I’m heading to Mexico today for a fun trip that I’ll be sharing more of soon, and I can’t even begin to tell you how much a mental reset is going to change my perspective. I really appreciate all of your patience as I work through these hiccups, and for all your love on social!  I shared some #realtalk on Instagram Friday night – mostly about things not being as they appear – and the feedback was so beautiful and humbling.

In case I don’t tell you guys often enough – you. ROCK.

Thanks so much for reading – hope you guys have a beautiful weekend! XO –

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13 thoughts on “Friday’s Five

  1. Hang in there, lady! Such a fan of yours and appreciate your authenticity. Have a glass (or bottle of wine) and toast to a better week ahead:)

  2. Termites!! Oh no! Sounds like you had an extremely stressful week. Relax and have a glass of wine! Have fun in Mexico!!

  3. Hope you’re weekend is better! Hang in there! I’m more than happy to let you know which hosting company and platform I use. If you still need help, just shoot me an email if you need it. 🙂

  4. Awww, Lula is so adorable … I love love animals!
    Happy weekend!

  5. Hi! I get your posts emailed to my inbox, but this whole week I haven’t been getting them?! It my fav part of the morning! I didn’t unsubscribe, and thought maybe it has something to do with the website craziness? Thanks! Naomi

      1. Thank you guys for the feedback! I’ve been having some hiccups this week BUT I THINK they should be coming through this coming week. Or at least here’s to hoping. I appreciate the heads up!

  6. I’m on the hunt for more low block heels for summer. Loving these scalloped ones. And I too just watch Pork sleep and consider that quality time….
    xo Jessica
    My Style Vita

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