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Spring wish lists means a new season must be on the horizon! We’ve had some rain lately and while I know it’s not snow like those of you on the East Coast, it still has me ready for when the temperatures rise a little bit so I can soak up one more sunny SoCal spring before our move.

I’m currently however en route to a warm destination to celebrate the nuptials of future Mrs. Perrault, and I’m wishing I had this red hot piece in my suitcase!  I’ve had a busy week leading up to this fun trip, so it was one of those last minute packing situations where I might be surprised at what actually ended up in my suitcase.  We’ve all been there! Do you have any exciting spring travels on your agenda?

I have been longing for these heels for weeks but they haven’t had my size in stock. If they have yours, please scoop them up and enjoy them on my behalf!

I’ll be sharing more about our Orange County staycation tomorrow, so stay tuned! Thanks so much for reading – XO –

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