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My eldest daughter (our yellow lab, Bailey) is turning 11 on May 3rd! I feel like I’ve said this 20x on this blog so forgive me if you already know, but I helped Christian pick out “his dog” when we were in college and had been dating for about a month.

Clearly I didn’t really think I was actually picking out my own dog also.  We’ve been together ever since, and Bailey has always represented how long we have been together which feels extra sweet!

For the past several years I’ve made her a cake or cupcakes on her birthday.  I’ve bought treats from dog bakeries before, and while very cute, she was never that into them. I found this crazy easy recipe online several years ago and she goes CRAZY for it!  So much so that I started making them in cupcake tins so I could give her one a day (and monitor how fast she eats them). I’ve made these treats for my brother’s dachshund when I kept her (and she was having her own birthday), gave one to our neighbor’s dog who is a picky eater… I’ve literally never seen a dog not eat the entire thing (and want seconds).

Best of all, you probably have all of the ingredients in your pantry and fridge. I usually just need the shredded carrots and I’m set!

This is the recipe, and sometimes I’ll add a few spoonfuls of canned pumpkin to add some moisture.  If you decide to go the cupcake route, I bake them at 350 for 25-30 minutes.

mackenzie-childs mixing bowldog cupcake recipedog birthday cake recipe11 year old labthrowing a dog birthday partydog wearing sunglassesslipcovered dining chairsannieglass platinum rufflelab birthday partydog birthday cake recipedog in sunglassesdog cupcake recipepainted drop leaf table

photos by Christian Barnes

Courtly Check Mixing Bowl | Annieglass Ruffled Cake Stand | Muffin Pan, also have and love this Loaf Pan | Disco Balls | Balloons here and here | Blanket | Dining Chairs + Slipcovers | Antique Table, DIY painting tutorial here | Top – The Odells, also love this one | Denim | Birthday Sunglasses, love these| Tassel Garland | x ring | “3” necklace

Yes, these are the kinds of things that people without kids do for their dogs. Would you believe that I didn’t buy anything for this setup? I used old decorations from this party. HA! Y’all… I’m cuckoo about this dog. She has been such a great pet to us, and working from home I really feel like she and I have this secret bond.

I feel so lucky to have 11 years with her and look forward to the years to come. I hope y’all will be able to use this recipe for your pup and let me know if they like it! Thanks so much for reading – XO –

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45 thoughts on “Bailey is 11! Dog Birthday Cake Recipe

    1. 18! That is so incredible! It must speak to the excellent care you’ve taken of him! Appreciate your sweet words Mia! xoxo

  1. Why is this making me emotional? This is the sweetest! I’ll have to try this for my pup’s birthday. Happy Birthday, Bailey!

  2. I love that you feel this way about Bailey. My dogs always get pup cakes similar to these for birthdays.

  3. I love your Bailey! I have a Bailey too; an English Springer Spaniel who I adore. If I could post a photo for you, it would be the one of her in an Ole Miss Cheerleader dress, jumping off the stage in the Grove before the win over Alabama in 2014 🙂 Here’s to many more “Bailey Birthday Parties”!

  4. Aww happy birthday sweet baby! Dogs are literally the best ever and we’re so lucky to be able to share our lives with them!

  5. Happiest of birthdays to sweet Bailey! I love that you threw her a little party. We do the same with our Bella who turned 10 this year. I will definitely have to try this recipe. It sounds like something she would love! 🙂

  6. I haven’t even read the post yet (I will the second I am done writing this) but had to just say after reading the caption and seeing the main photo of you and Bailey… this is why I love you! I love that you have a sense of humor in general but also love your fur babies. Hope you have a great weekend!

    1. HAHAHA thank you for the kindness, Bridget! I mean… I am aware this is so silly but we had so much fun (and so many laughs) photographing it, so I’m happy to share it with y’all. Appreciate your encouragement and support!

  7. Great post! You’re dog is so cute and adorable! My little dog is about to enter into the two digits. She’s a little more slow now and prefers to lay on a pillow instead of jogging. It’s always so hard to imagine that the puppy you once bought is now considered old. Time sure flies.


    1. So true. Bailey’s energy is still pretty high but she caps her jog at 2 miles or she’s dragging. God bless. They’ve earned these cushy years!

  8. THIS IS EVERYTHING. I have two large dogs and wear my #dogmom tshirt with pride. Bailey looks like such a sweet girl! A polite girl sitting at the table like a lady! LOVE THIS.

  9. I love everything about this post, especially the adorable photos of you and Bailey. I just celebrated my dog’s 2nd birthday this week with a little dinner party with some girlfriends. My friends even brought him little birthday gifts to open. It was so sweet!! (And slightly ridiculous, of course… Oh the things we do for our pets. 🙂

    Anyways, I usually get his birthday cakes/treats from a local dog bakery, but I’m excited to try this recipe. Thanks for sharing!

  10. Happy almost birthday, sweet Bailey! Our pup is 10 and these old girls are the best! What a great recipe to try for our pups 11th this summer. 🙂 Bailey and I are almost bday twins, mine is May 4! Have a wonderful celebration!

  11. These pics of you and Bailey are too cute!!! Love her in the glasses! Ah I need to convince my hubby that we need a dog!
    xoxo, Jenna

  12. OMG, this is TOO PRECIOUS! Sweet Bailey girl. You’re such a great dog mom. Sophie usually just gets an extra Greenie, but now I’m feeling inspired for her next bday!

  13. shes the cutest baby and the one of her on the chair in the glasses, i die. happy birthday bailey!

  14. Happy Birthday, Bailey!!:) I love that you’ve done this! I am child-free by choice (almost 40 and it’s the decision I’ve been most sure about in my life; gets even more concrete the older I get!) It is wonderful to celebrate your pets; they are family members. I travel a lot for my job so I worry about having pets (and unfortunately don’t have any) but I would love to have pets (dogs and cats–love em both!) and do this for them!

    1. I love this! It’s such a blessing to know what you want in life, so cheers to you Anne! And one day, we gotta get you a dog. 🙂

  15. Aww! You’re posts about Bailey and Lulu are always hilarious (#lablover) but after we lost our 12-year-old yellow lab a few months ago – I love seeing Bailey posts even more! HBD Bailey!

  16. Love to know the dog mom boat keeps getting bigger ❤️ Happy birthday Bailey!!!!

    Ps google dog mom rap, totally life right now

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