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Over the past year, I’ve become really into taking Polaroids. I was given an Instax Mini a few years ago, and realized that I kept saving the film for a “special occasion.” I don’t know about y’all, but when I do that… I never end up using the item. I can think of fancy lotions, perfumes, makeup, etc. that I saved for those “special” times and let it go to waste.

Don’t do that! EVERY DAY of life is special!  I have to consciously remind myself to enjoy these little luxuries. It doesn’t matter if it’s a Tuesday and I’m working from home… #treatyoself!

SO, I started taking my little Polaroid camera with me more places. And then I was given another camera. And I took it with us on vacation, when we would ride bikes, when I would visit my nephews in LA and so on. So I started to collect these adorable mini captures of our lives, and I wanted to find a way to display them in their glory!

After all of five seconds of perusing online, I stumbled up this blog post and loved it. I knew I wanted to replicate it.  After getting several questions from you guys on Instagram about what I planned to do with our vacation photos… I wanted to share the process!

All you need:

Frame – large enough to display your photos (I used this one)

Double Stick Tape

White Posterboard

Small Strips of Cardboard (optional) + Scissors

I cut small strips of cardboard and used double stick tape to attach them to the back of the photos before taping them on the white posterboard.  I also think it would look great if you taped the photos directly to the posterboard – you can’t really go wrong here, people. Just make sure you like the way the photos are arranged before you tape them down!

I also wrote the locations where each photo was taken on the bottom of the polaroids.  PS – you can find the

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It’s that easy!  Once I got the supplies I think the process was like… in the 10-15 minute arena.  I am seriously in love with the end result. I think it’s so fun, and I love that it captures so many individual memories over the past year.

If you have a polaroid camera – I’d love to hear how you display the photos! Thanks so much for reading and sharing – XO –

PS – you can find the bookshelves here!

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30 thoughts on “DIY Polaroid Frame

  1. For our wedding, we created our own version of a photo booth using the Instax Minis!
    There’s a company that you can rent them from (cheaper than buying the multiple cameras I needed) and we ordered cute photo booth paper props off Etsy. We let our guests snap away throughout the night and take a pic with them and leave one in a scrapbook I had out with a note or message. We essentially ended up using it as our guest book. It’s such a fun way to look back or some candid photos of the night, and was fun to send guests home with a pic they liked!

  2. Oh I lovvvve this idea!! I literally just bought a Polaroid this week and I’m SO doing this DIY frame!
    Thanks for sharing girllll

  3. Adding the cardboard behind the pics was a nice little touch! Gives it a slight shadowbox effect. My husband and I had Instax Minis on our cocktail tables during our wedding reception so guests could take photos and have fun. We had a leather bound journal, glue sticks, metallic pens, and stickers out so everyone could past in their fav pictures and leave little notes. It turned into our guestbook and we love it! The book looks wonderful on our bookshelf and we like to flip through it every once in a while and remember the fun times everyone had 🙂

  4. Every Day is special………..this is why my sterling flatware is in a kitchen drawer and I use Every Day.

  5. Great post! This is such a cool little project, and so simple too. The pictures in the frame look neat and chic without looking like a dorm room. I definitely need a polaroid camera now!


  6. Love the creativity – you must have inherited that from ME!!!! 🙂

  7. Love this idea! I have boxes of my mini photos that I never do anything with! A printed photo is such a rare thing nowadays. I plan to do this after our next trip to Nashville and New Orleans!

  8. Kathleen, love your blog, you are such an inspiration! Hard to explain, but you are one of those beautiful, model like people, and yet you are approachable and lovely, kind and warm. It’s quite a unique combination. Thank you for always inspiring beauty, love, kindness and warmth. You rock Sista! Btw (I know, holy delayed response Batman) that person who was mean, well to hell with people like that. She could not contain her jealousy and self-hatred so she’s mean? No time for that nonsense in our lives. Thank you for the blog and I will continue to faithfully read.

  9. I completely agree with you, about saving Polaroids for a special occasion then never really using them. I have done the same thing hahaha now I just bring them when I’m hanging out with my girls! This is such a great idea to display them!
    Keri Elaine

  10. How do you travel with your camera and film? I just ordered a camera and film but got to thinking about taking it through airport security. I am a photo addict and I love your idea of having a collage of memories! I can’t wait to start making my own!

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