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You guys… I’ve resisted videos for so many years now… BUT I wanted to share a quick run through of our townhouse before we move next week!  I probably should have cleaned it a little better but you know what, this is an authentic peek into the townhouse we’ve lived in for the past four years.  You can also check this out at my YouTube channel!

This has been such a great home to us, and I’m happy to have this token as a memory of our time spent in Old Towne Orange!  If you would like to see some more CBL videos, please share in the comments some video topics you might like to see. That would be such a big help to me!

Thanks so much for watching and sharing! Bare with me… it’s my first video, #Godbless. XO –

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42 thoughts on “VIDEO | OC Home Tour

  1. Love the tour. Totally chic and so you and hubby.
    Have given me some great ideas for my sweet little 50s bungalow. Thanks for sharing.

    Good luck on your house move. All the best Kathleen.

  2. I was thinking Christian was filming at first and trying to figure out how he was resisting chiming in, but then I saw the video cred! Love it!

  3. Cute video!! Thanks for the tour Kathleen! I love how beautifully you’ve decorated and how everything has a place and a purpose. I need to do that. Would love a blog post on staying organized and getting rid of clutter!

  4. Sooo Soo cute Kathleen!!! I can’t wait to see your SF house:) Being that you’re moving so close to me, I hope to meet you in person if you ever do a pop up at a boutique or something! Oh and welcome to Northern Cali:)

  5. Great Job Babe! So sad your leaving our neck of the woods but San Francisco is the Hubs and I’s favorite place! Those northerners are lucky to have you guys! ✌

    1. We are going to miss OC. It’s been such a dream here and everyone in OC is SO NICE! Will always have a special place in our memories for sure!

  6. That was such a cute video!! Loved the style of it, reminded me of the 75 questions videos that Vogue does!

  7. Such a beautiful and cozy home! Please do more!!
    PS Bailey’s little head on the couch…I can’t even..its so cute!! ♡

  8. Fabulous! Love how you did it the “Vogue” way. Beautiful home – thanks for sharing.

    Looking forward to more.

  9. This video is why you’re my favorite blogger. Loved it! Can you have your own tv show already?!

  10. Omg such a cute video! Absolutely loved it! How cute was Bailey putting her chin on the sofa.

  11. This video is so CUTE!!! love your home and how you decorated it and of courseee seeing your bailey and lu!

  12. Loved this tour!

    Where was the green palm dress from that you wore in the very beginning of the tour?

  13. This is great- so much fun and I could feel Southern hospitality radiating at me through the screen!

  14. You are so CUTE! LOVE your style and that adorable townhouse decor! I’m looking forward to a SF hometour soon. Hope you all have a stress free move 🙂

  15. You totally chose my pick for the dresses! Lol Absolutely love your decor and your fun personality 🙂 <3

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