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Over the weekend I shared on Instagram a cocktail Christian has been making lately that allows even someone like me, who is not a whiskey drinker, to enjoy whiskey.  Trust me – usually even smelling it gives me chills, but this cocktail is soooo good!

I was so surprised at the amount of recipe requests that I got from you guys that I wanted to do a full blog post with the details.  Let’s get into this deliciousness –

Whiskey Rebellion (serves one)


1 oz. Pimm’s

1 oz. Rye

1 oz. Simple Syrup (you can make your own)

Juice of one small lemon

Lemon Peel (we use this vegetable peeler)

Optional: large ice cube (love this set)


Combine Pimm’s, Rye and simple syrup in a cocktail shaker with a few ice cubes.  Shake it up, pour over an ice cube.  Add your lemon juice and lemon peel and enjoy!

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Are you a cocktail gal or a whiskey drinker?  I’d love to hear your favorite beverage and/or liquor preference.  You can find more food & drink recipes here!  Thanks so much for reading and sharing – XO –

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4 thoughts on “Whiskey Rebellion | The Cocktail to Introduce Rye to non-Whiskey Drinkers

  1. I love a good Moscow Mule, or any variety thereof (a blood orange Mule is my fave!), but I love a good Manhattan or Old Fashioned, too. I rarely drink anything with gin, either. But when I’m on vacay, nothing beats a Pina Colada!

  2. Thanks for sharing – my husband and I LOVE a good whiskey cocktail! I’ve started making maple manhattans at home – the maple syrup has just the right sweetness to balance out the whiskey. Pour about 1 tbsp of real maple syrup (not the fake stuff!) into a martini glass. Combine 2 shots of good whiskey, 1 shot of sweet vermouth, and about a tsp of maple syrup in a cocktail shaker with some ice. Shake well, and pour the mixture into your martini glass. Try it… you might like it!

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