white hydrangeas

– the most gorgeous hydrangeas I’m determined to keep alive for two weeks! –

designer dupe loafers

– the best designer loafer dupes I’ve seen yet (I might need them in all the colors) –

necklace organizer

– a necklace organizer that is saving me –

pearl headbands

– new headbands that are going to make lazy hair days a little easier (L to R: 1, 2, 3) –

– trying the Furbo with Bailey (don’t judge me it’s on our bar… there are limited spaces in this little apt!) –

Happy Friday!  I worked on this post a little early as I had to leave my office Thursday and Friday because the wood floors above our apartment are being redone… for the second time since we’ve lived here.  So in our 10 months of living here, we’ve listened to someone move out.  Almost a month of construction.  Then someone move in.  Then hearing them move all the things out of the living room for the floors to be redone a second time.  Then moving their stuff back in.

And in case you are blessed to live within no shared walls, remember that the echoing of boots/boxes on wood floors is always louder than if you’re in the room.  It’s like… tripled below I don’t understand it.  Working from home during this SF year has been at times… brutal.  I’ve yet to find the silver lining here – this is very expensive, old building apartment living in San Francisco.  I am going to appreciate our next living situation SO much more… no matter what it is!

However, we are officially on the 8 week countdown, it hasn’t rained in weeks and I can see the light.  I know that in a few years all of these challenges will be a memory of the past and when I am living within my own non-shared walls, I’m going to feel like a Queen. A royal QUEEN!

I had started a Bible Study that was put on hold because everyone’s April schedules were hectic, but we hopped back into this week and it really is so good for my inner peace.  I think I can really underestimate the positive impact of being vulnerable with other likeminded women.  It is uplifting, comforting and encouraging all rolled into these once a week two hour sessions.  A bright spot in this week for sure.

Christian and I are looking forward to a weekend getaway next weekend that will be so peaceful, I can’t wait!  I plan on sharing a full blog post about it so I will be able to share more details as we get closer, but I know it will be a great refresher all around.  It’s a great weekend destination for all my California girls and a place we’ve never been, so I’m looking forward to sharing more of that!

He’s also got me watching some of Jack Ryan – do any of you watch this show!?  It’s honestly a little violent for me… but it’s certainly captivating.  When I get stressed I just remind myself that  John Krasinski is actually married to Mary Poppins and then I can relax!  I love those two as a couple.  Sweetest.

What do you have going on this weekend?  C will be working so I might need to get out the cat stroller and take some walks… who knows what we’ll find! Thanks so much for reading and sharing – XO –

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10 thoughts on “Friday’s Five

  1. I’m ordering the necklace holder right now! Been looking for something like this, thanks! Will also be ordering those cute affordable headband, I’ve seen this style/design go for $50 plus.

  2. Yaaaaas girl thanks for the headband recommendations! Just ordered the tweed one! Please share more of your Etsy finds!

  3. Kathleen, my daughter Katie & I just love you! I’m probably your oldest follower (besides your mom). You have an amazing sense of fashion and your stories (and you) are hilarious. Katie has learned great fashion tips/advice from you. Doesn’t listen to me as much but thinks you rock and has made several special purchases on her own. One of them being her Gucci belt. She says she is going to lock it in a safe when she goes to college in August. She is on the prowl for a vintage channel bag as well.

    One last thing, I know it’s been rough for you in the city, but it truly is a great place. We live across the bridge in Marin, my husband was born & raised here, and being from the Bay, we would not live anywhere else. It is very, very expensive to live here and I can understand if you’re not from here, it’s all a little bit much! 🙂 Expensive, noisy, and the homelessness is downright awful.

    My brother, sis in law and nieces (whom all live in the city) following you(not my brother, sorry) and we all talk about your funny (and sometimes serious) stories all the time. I recognize so many of the pics you take in the city. Keep on rockin and best of luck wherever your journey is taking you.

    ~Peace & Love

    A forever CBL follower!

  4. Please let me know if you figure out how to keep those hydrangeas alive!! I bought some 2 days ago and they are already almost dead! ‍♀️

    1. Make sure they have PLENTY of water. If they’re dying, re-trim the stems and place in ice cold water. If the bloom is wilted, I will also dunk it under the water faucet! I usually can keep them alive for at least 2 weeks this way!

      1. Thanks so much for the additional tips! My hydrangeas greatly appreciate it!!

  5. Love that you are watching Jack Ryan also- we binged the whole thing this week! . And I totally agree with you about the Bible study- being together around the same thing (Person) is so encouraging and uplifting.

  6. I can’t wait for y’all to move for everyone’s sanity! Where is next?!

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