camo sweatpants

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I’m writing this on an overcast day which means I’m feelin’ all the cozy pieces.  I love the idea of this kaftan for summer with easy sandals, or you could cinch the waist with a belt bagThis is pretty adorable for spring, summer and early football games, and this breezy maxi also comes in a super fun bright yellow.

San Francisco is pretty chilly year round, so I’m embarrassed to say that I work in sweats a lot of days.  Like… a lot of days.  But I try to style them in a way that doesn’t feel embarrassing if someone knocks on the door or I’m walking Bailey.  This camo set is so cute and perfect for what I’m talking about.  Pair it with white sneakers and a trench and you are still both stylish and comfy.

I have loved these sunglasses so much over the past year, so I love this similar style that has a slight twist.  And this top is so cute with shorts or light wash denim jeans – love, love!

Tell me your favorite lounge-y piece.  I am honestly so often wearing these sweats with this sweatshirt.  Simple, cohesive, black – I’ll wear the ankles rolled up and layer over a trench.  It’s still a look!  Thanks so much for reading – XO –

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3 thoughts on “Wednesday Wish List | Lounge Picks

  1. Love all of these and totally understand a comfy work-fit! In the summer in St. Louis where Im from I love a simple black mini dress, any tunic on the planet with white tennies or a bodysuit with jean shorst (I’ll throw on a blazer if I’m leaving my house). If I have meetings, jumpsuits are pure perfection because they look super nice while being super comfortable. In the winter I’m all about a two piece cozy set when I’m chilling at home like Olivia CulpoxExpress or anything from Aerie!

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