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My boy,

Today is your due date, although you happily decided to make your entrance four days early.  Things moved along so quickly – you were ready!

I found out you existed on March 19th.  And every day since then I’ve looked forward to this day.  I have so much excitement to meet you, to hold you, to love you.  It’s been you and me for the past nine months, and with every kick, every hiccup and every time I see your little behind jutting out of my upper left side (!!), I think of what it might be like to know you and be a part of raising you.

In every moment I spend in your nursery, I dream of the baby, boy and man you might be one day.  I think about kissing your cheeks and seeing you smile.  Standing you up in front of the mirror to show you how perfect and squishy your legs are!  Tucking you into bed and reading you a book.  Feeding you in the middle of the night, appreciating that time of having you all to myself again.  Just like it’s been day by day this year as you’ve grown in my belly.

You are the luckiest little guy because while you don’t know it yet, you actually have the best dad.  He’s brilliant, loving, patient and will always be able to make you laugh, even when the days are tough.  He’s done that for me for twelve years!  I knew when I was dating him that he was going to be a great dad one day.  And now you get to experience that – how lucky you are!  He took this photo of you and me on our seventh wedding anniversary.  It was hard to look serious because he kept making me laugh.  You’ll soon see – he’s the best.  Marrying him is one of the best decisions I’ve ever made.

I finish writing this letter with tears in my eyes because I am so grateful and overwhelmed with happiness to be your mom.  I promise to do my best to raise you to be patient, respectful, brave and loving like your dad.  And to chase your dreams no matter how crazy they might sound, to take risks… with the ability to laugh at yourself and not take life too seriously as I like to think I am.

Hudson, thank you for making us parents and for joining our family.  We love you so, so much and even though we’ve just met, you are already the center of our entire world.



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photos by Christian Barnes

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Thank you guys for being a part of this journey with us! XO –

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33 thoughts on “A Letter to My Son

  1. why did I read this first thing in the AM?! Crying! So sweet. You all are so incredible and such an inspiration. You and Christian will be the best parents! Always thankful for you sharing your life with us, especially now. Hudson is a lucky little guy! Xo

  2. So happy Hudson is here and you guys are over joyed! What a special keepsake letter. Look forward to meeting him.

  3. This is beyond beautiful! How lucky Hudson is to have you and Christian as parents! Enjoy this special journey

  4. This is beautiful! My first born is my son and I treasure our special bond. His big bear hugs bring me peace every time I see him. I wish this for you and Hudson! He’s 31 now and our bond grows stronger with every new stage of his life. I’m sure Christian will be a fabulous dad from the snippets of IG we see and you will be (are) a warm, loving, giving, confident mom. Hudson is a blessed little boy! Enjoy

  5. Oh I love this so much! Makes me tear up too! I found out I was pregnant with my son March 20th and he was also born November 22 – two years ago! Now my sweet baby is a silly, energetic toddler and I can hardly believe how fast the past two years have been. They have been the sweetest, most joyful (and exhausting lol) years of my life. I’m so so happy for you! Being a boy mama is amazing <3 Wishing you all the best!

  6. Just had my boy 6 weeks ago & this gives me all the feels! Crying before 9am (although that’s not as abnormal these days ) thank you for sharing! Enjoy this time- it does go by fast!

  7. OMG Tears!! I am so happy for you and Christian! You two will be just the cutest best parents!

  8. Kathleen, we are all so happy for you and Christian! Enjoy every minute of this holiday season as a family of 3! Xo

  9. Well, crying. This is so beautiful. Our son is due in February and it’s giving me all the feels! Congratulations to you and Christian!

  10. Crying at my desk! Congratulations, to you, Momma, and to Christian, Bailey, Lu, & your families. And welcome to the world, baby Hudson!

  11. This made me cry like a baby! Congratulations to you and Christian, you will be wonderful parents. Hudson is so lucky! ♥️

  12. What a beautiful letter to write for your precious son, I’m crying now! You and Christian are going to be awesome parents and a perfect team to raise Hudson! Enjoy this special time! They grow up so quickly.

  13. As a first time mom expecting our son in March, this got me so good! Congratulations on your growing family and enjoy the holidays with your new little guy!

  14. Brb, just pregnant and hormonal and crying over here! So happy for you and your family! And even more grateful that you get to go through this a little before me so I can learn from you! Xoxo

  15. Kathleen….this is beautiful. Congratulations to you and Christian. Welcome to the world Hudson. We can’t wait to watch you grow up! Xoxo

  16. So special! What is Hudson’s middle name? Absolutely LOVE that name so sweet congratulations! xoxo

  17. Well, thanks for making me ugly cry at work!!! I LOVE your blog, your sense of humor, and the way you see the world (with the glass half full). Thank you for sharing your life with us. Congratulations on becoming a mama!

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