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Back at it with a wish list, and with the super cold weather we have been having lately, I’m all about the winter loungewear!

If it can be worn by a space heater or a crackling fireplace (or even just the video of it, not even kidding)… count me in.  You know I love a teddy coat.  In a camel and under $50?  You’ll wear it with everything.  A robe with a hoodie?  Sign me up.  Long cardigans to pair with leggings and fuzzy slippers for around the house = my uniform.

I’m officially 10 weeks postpartum this Friday… but I still find myself wearing a lot of leggings and joggers.  Not only because of the weather and straight comfort, but also because I just don’t know if the last 13-ish lbs that I’m holding onto is here to stay for a while or will be coming off slowly.  I can’t decide if I need to start sizing up or give it time… it’s the whole limbo situation.  That “fourth trimester” thing is starting to make a whole lot of sense.  Being a woman is WILD at times.  Truly!

With Valentine’s Day around the corner, I was thinking about gift guides for the next few weeks.  Is that something that would be helpful or are we past gift giving for V-Day?  Personally, I’m more of a dinner and roses kind of gal, but if you are exchanging gifts this year let me know.  Will work on some guides if you guys are into it!

Thank you so much for reading and sharing! XO –

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5 thoughts on “Wednesday Wish List | Winter Lounge Picks

  1. Hi Kathleen! Love your content! I was wondering, could you recommend a good legging that you could wear to the office? With a long tunic style top? I’ve been searching and can’t really find one.

    Appreciate you and your blog!

  2. Love all these lounge wear ideas!

    I would recommend sizing up on a few items that will make the fourth trimester and beyond more comfortable. Before I went back to work (from maternity leave), I bought a new pair of jeans and a few tops and loungewear items for the house that I would feel comfortable in along with 2 new dresses. This worked out perfect because I felt great in the new clothes and didn’t dread what to wear in the morning or on the weekends. I found that around months 5-6, all of my normal clothes started fitting again and some even looser so I’ve been adding pieces here and there. I know some will say, don’t buy anything and wait it out but I found that buying a few key pieces or renting clothes is the better option and I still feel great without the pressure to lose the weight so that I can feel good in my clothes again. Just my two cents! You’ll figure out what works best for you.

    Love all that you share esp on your instastories!

    1. I am so on this train! Buying a few key pieces that fit and made me feel good was so much better than frustratingly going through my closet during the 4th trimester. I was in most clothes by 4-5 months post but those last 5 lbs hung around until I stopped nursing. But also, who needs to be postpartum for great lounge wear .

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