spring sales


1 – 30% off2 – extra 50% off sale price3 – already sold out, love this one 4 – 60% off5 – 40% off  | 6 – 30% off with code 5DAYS7 – 30% off8 – 30% off9 – 50% off | 110 – 40% off11 – 40% off12 – 40% off13 – 60% off14 – 25% off15 – 20% off16 – 20% off17 – 20% off18 – 20% off19 – 40% off20  20% off21 – 40% off

Oh snap, hunny!  I feel like the sales have been major for months, but this week’s wish list is sale-only.  Except for this inflatable pool I’m trying to convince Christian we might need.  It’s one of those things that sounds like a really fun idea, but will we use it?  The verdict’s out.  If you have an inflatable pool, please share with the class if you use it!

Loving this beautiful planter.  Thinking leopard will be my camouflage this summer.  Absolutely loving these outdoor serving pieces and think this is about the coziest chair ever.  If you’re in the market for a faux plant, I’m loving this one.  This coin necklace is such a great layering piece, and after realizing I seem to only wear white and denim together… how can I say no to this cute summer shirt?

We have been really working in the garden and yard lately, transferring monkey grass and pruning.  We plan on planting some jasmine and potted plants this week, and I caught a second wind and finally got around to painting the laundry room.  It’s amazing what a fresh coat of paint can do to a room.  Total transformation in two days!

What are you guys up to?  Still moving and grooving, adjusting to this (temporary) new normal?  Thanks so much for reading! XO –

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  1. You need a pool, Hudson needs a pool, Bailey needs a pool…..I feel like you’ll get plenty of use out of it!!

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