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Don’t get me wrong, I love a pair of sweatpants as much as the next person (literally wearing sweats as I type this), but every now and then girlfriend has to get dressed.  It is a mood and self-esteem booster to put on an outfit, make sure my jeans will still zip (!!) and fix my hair and makeup.  It reminds me that it is still spring and my outer appearance can greatly affect my inner attitude.

I wanted to share three spring outfits that give my mood a little boost –

loeffler randall leopard heelsbutton down dresscraftmade dome light fixture

dress | similar neck scarf | necklace one, necklace two | Hudson’s outfit | room details

I never thought I would be the mom in matching outfits with her kids… but alas, here we are.  Honestly, it often happens by mistake.  I think I just dress Hudson in things I like, and then I dress myself in things I like.

But how cute is his little blue set?  I am tempted to buy it in ivory as well!

annie selke runnerlucy paris set

top | skirt | heels | earrings | pinky ring | gold stacked rings | chain ringroom details

So technically this is a set and not a dress, but I had been holding onto it to wear in Florida.  Seeing as that beach trip has been postponed, I decided to wear it last Sunday anyway.  I think this top would also look so cute with high waisted jeans!

red wrap top

photos by Christian Barnes

Have you been shopping for any spring or summer pieces lately?  I’ll be honest… I have hardly glanced at anything shopping-wise unless it’s home or cooking related.  I shared April’s Top 10 items on Monday, and I loved seeing that you guys are also gravitating toward home and loungewear.

Let me know if you’re getting dressed occasionally or if it’s strictly loungewear… I want to know how to best serve you guys!  Thanks so much for reading and sharing – XO –

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8 thoughts on “3 Spring Dresses

  1. I do get dressed in at least a nice top and jeans each day, but today I decided to throw on a dress.

  2. Most of my purchases lately have been for our new home and outdoor space! As much as I am excited about summer clothes, with corona happening, I just can’t get excited about spending money on new clothes since I am not going anywhere, haha. Love these beautiful dresses!! You look stunning. per usual!

  3. Sadly, it’s loungewear! I actually don’t even own lots of loungewear because I’m kinda fancy, but this COVID-19 has made me have to find comfort in loungewear, which let me tell you was HARD! I’m not motivated to buy any clothes 🙁 I bought a pair of joggers because I had had enough of the 3 other ones I was rotating.

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