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Personally, there’s nothing I love more than seeing what random things people are buying.  Whether it’s their grocery cart or Amazon cart… I’m interested in taking a peek.

So I thought I’d share some of my most recent Amazon buys.  In fact, most of these purchases were made since quarantine began.  Let’s dig in!


I bought this swimsuit and this swimsuit and love them both.  I had to send this one back for a smaller size – if you’re in between sizes I would recommend sizing down.

A straw visor.  Still not sure this is a great look on me, but I wore it over the weekend and loved that I could easily throw my hair in a top knot.

My most handy cell phone combo – a simple black case and a hand strap.

My favorite iPhone cord because it’s super long and durable.

The best workout leggings!  I bought the green pair but I think I stretched them out a little in pregnancy.

Nivea Creme, rumored to be almost identical to La Mer.

The best tongue scraper.  Maybe too good… I’m a little disgusted with what I see this thing lift!


A set of fragrance oils for my diffuser.  Knew I would love the volcano and red currant, but they’re all so good!

Round ice cubes that I’m loving in a cocktail glass.

Linen wrapped cork boards and pushpins for the laundry room.

Salt flakes = my favorite.

A hand frother that I don’t need but felt like I deserved. #socialdistancing. I use it for coffee!

Christian insisted on an ice cream machine – this one works dangerously well!


Hudson has two bottom teeth coming in so he’s loving is Sophie teether.  I also just bought him these teething pacifier things for frozen fruit or ice cubes.  We’ve tried frozen berries and pineapple and they were both a hit!

Bibs for the teether.

The most esthetically pleasing walker I could find.

A bath mat and spout protector for when he can sit up.

The cutest pair of baby sunglasses I could find.

On My Wish List: 

These sunglasses that look super luxe for $16.

A blow up pool and balls once Hudson can sit up.

The Baby Brezza everyone talks about that I can’t decide if it’s worth it considering our baby will only be taking bottles so much longer.  I also am nervous for him to only have bottles at a specific temperature as currently he will drink them cold, room temperature or warm.  H isn’t one to turn down a snack!

A round rolling laundry basket.

The cutest playmat.

An eyebrow tinting kit.

If you’ve bought anything you’re loving from Amazon lately – I would love to hear!  Thanks so much for reading and sharing – XO –

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22 thoughts on “Latest Amazon Buys

  1. Baby Brezza is worth its weight in gold. Especially when you have more kids. One of the best baby products I purchased.

    1. This is good to hear!! I feel like we do fine without it but I can see that with multiples it would be even MORE helpful. Thank you for this insight!

  2. This post made me so happy. I have been comfort shopping while waiting for baby #2 to get here and scouring blogs for amazon favs lists has become my new pastime. Love it! Thanks!

  3. The baby brezza is soooo worth it! You still have 6 months or so, and then for any future children. That’s a lot of bottles! Our kid didn’t seem to care about temp. When we traveled, we’d just leave bottled water out at room temp To make the bottles.

  4. I got the swimsuit that has the tie on the top piece and I love it! I am a bit more curvier and I was hesitant but its fantastic!

  5. It’s such a small thing, but that frother is the best $10 I have spent in quarantine. Changes the at home coffee game SO much, feels luxe, and is actually kinda fun too! It really is the little things!

    That maldon sea salt is in my cart right now! Glad to know the quality was good (that was my hold up), so buying now thanks to you!

    1. I feel the same way about the frother! And I’ve been using the salt flakes for a few years now and really love them. I think you’ll like!

  6. 10/10 recommend the baby brezza. It has been a game changer for both my babies! If you turn it on and immediately make a bottle, it’s at room temp instead of heated. Never impacted their ability to drink at other temps either!

  7. Not gonna lie… my daughter is 4 months old and can’t sit up but I bought that same pool anyway… for me! Our neighborhood pools aren’t opening and I felt like we needed SOMETHING. I also tried to convince my husband “my daughter” needed a six foot inflatable unicorn sprinkler but he fought back on that one.

  8. My mom bought the Baby Brezza for my SIL when she had twins and it was incredible…until it wasn’t. The version from six years ago (no idea if this has been corrected in newer models) struggled to get an even amount of formula in each bottle. The babies were waking up hungry so she started topping off each bottle with a little extra to make up for what the machine was leaving behind, but then that led to one of them being briefly hospitalized for an excess of iron. She still valued it for creating perfectly warm water in seconds, but just added the formula herself. Seems like an expensive way to heat water though – especially if Hudson is down with room temp bottles!!

  9. The baby breeza is amazing. I’m so thankful we splurged a bit. We were doing fine without it, but it helps so much in certain situations such as if someone else is watching our child and needs to make a bottle. Plus it can be used with each kiddo! I really love it.

  10. I purchased the Tint Kit for you your brows. I used it and it worked great! I would leave on longer that a few minutes like it says. Thank you for sharing your Amazon finds, I too like to see what things people buy and actually like.

    Have a great day,

  11. We didn’t have the Brezza (but I know people love it!) and I never felt like I needed one. We did however, use the Dr. Brown’s formula mixing pitcher to make up the days worth of formula in one batch and it’s my number one suggestion for my mom friends. It’s less then $20 and gets all the formula clumps out and is so simple and easy. If Hudson doesn’t care about bottle temp I wouldn’t start giving him them all warm- he’ll likely transition to regular milk when it’s time without you having to warm it!

  12. How does the scalloped swimsuit fit?Curious about the bottoms specifically. The cu on the legs from the pictures, for me, is a bit scary ;/

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  14. We’ve had the ice cube balls for years and love them! have you tried to make the super clear ice cube balls out of them or awesome flower filled balls for drinks? I’d love to know how to do that! Also, thank you again for using your platform to speak such beautiful words and to share your heart regarding what’s going on. It’s so very appreciated!!

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