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Today, I’m sharing some quarantine vibe picks under $75!  How cute is this for the backyard?  Love the idea of 50 grab-and-go lunch ideas, a headband for day four hair (anyone else?).  A luxurious head wrap takes things to next level on pampering days.

I have a nonstick pan like this and it literally lives on the stove because we use it so frequently.  And this long, flexible lighter feels so smart!

I’ve been staying on track with choosing at least three days a week to get fully dressed.  Just loafers, jeans, a tee and blazer (loving this one).  But putting on some makeup everyday and putting forth some effort really does positively impact my mood.

I recently bought this swimsuit and this swimsuit for summer.  Hoping they work!  I also bought two lamps similar to these for one of our guest bedrooms upstairs that I’m trying to finally put together.  What have you had your eye on?

Thanks so much for reading and sharing! XO –

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4 thoughts on “Wednesday Wish List | Quarantine Vibes under $75

  1. Did you like the spanx bra during pregnancy? Newly pregnant and I can already tell I’m going to need to buy something comfy but supportive that will work as my body changes.

  2. Hi!! Love your blog and following along on Instagram! The link for the lamps takes me to the Target homepage. Not urgent, but just interested in what the lamps look like. Thanks!!! 🙂

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