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Recently I felt like every time I picked up my phone or opened an app, I was annoyed.  It wasn’t making me feel happier or better… it was making me feel unmotivated and bleh.

I polled you guys on Instagram and over 90% of you said you were feeling the same way.  I think there are a few flags to take note of when you see them coming.  Signs that it might be time to put your phone down for the day.

You feel anxious when you’re not scrolling.

You’re checking Instagram without even thinking about it.

Every photo or video you see makes you feel annoyed, unmotivated or upset.

You’re making excuses to check it.

You’re disengaging with your own life to check on the lives of others.

I’m in a slightly unusual position because social media – engaging with it, posting photos and videos, setting aside at least an hour every day to attempt to answer a portion of the direct messages I receive – it’s all a part of my job.  It can be a delicate dance to create appropriate and healthy boundaries while still fulfilling my responsibilities.

But it is so important.  It is incredibly important to me that my child sees my eyes locked on his.  That my partner knows I’m giving him my undivided attention.  We put phones away during mealtimes, but it’s the scrolling.  The endless scrolling that is distracting us from enjoying what’s beyond our phones!

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So now when we notice some of these signs in ourselves, we’ll schedule a “scroll-free day.”  It can be a little challenging to schedule a complete social media or technology-free day, but we will set some boundaries on weekends.  Taking a break from your phone shouldn’t be stressful but refreshing.

Some of the boundaries we will set…

No scrolling.  You can use your phone to look up something (recipe details, what time does ___ open or close, etc.), but use your phone with purpose.  Not for endless scrolling!

Leave your phone behind.  Go outside without your phone.  Take a walk without it.  Leave it behind where you can’t mindlessly grab it and you have to connect with what’s right in front of you.

Give it a try.  I think you’ll find your scroll-free days might be some of your best.

And if you have some tips or tricks for taking social media breaks, I’d love to hear!  Thanks so much for reading and sharing – XO –

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15 thoughts on “When to take a Break from your Phone

  1. Last week I used my phone vary sparingly, with minimal mindless scrolling on Instagram and I was almost completely absent from Facebook. It felt so good! Even this week, I’ve been on it a whole lot less than I normally would.

    1. I love that! I think when you take a break and notice that you feel BETTER or happier… it’s a sign that frequent breaks are a good idea.

  2. I often delete my Facebook/instagram apps during the work day so that I don’t pick my phone up and mindlessly scroll when I have a quick break! If I find myself scrolling too much on a weekend or day off I’ll do that too for a few hours; super helpful and I always feel better after.

    1. I don’t even have FB on my phone but I’ve tried hiding IG in a folder before. Anything to stay focused, I hear you!

  3. This was such a refreshing and relatable read. When I start noticing my thumbs clicking social media as soon as I pick up my phone, just out of habit.. I temporarily delete the apps and give my anxious thumbs, and my mind, a breather. It lets me connect and get creative in my physical environment, and it refuels my daily intentions!

  4. Love this post so much! It’s so important to take the time for yourself and disconnect. I think it’s so easy (especially nowadays) to waste time scrolling and comparing yourself to others and just digging yourself into a social media hole. Whenever I’ve done social media “cleanses” and stayed off for a while I find myself in a much better place mentally. It’s always a great reset!

  5. Hey there! Love your blog! Although I’m not a physician, I work in the medical field and feel the need to be available all the time and it always causes a bit of anxiety to leave my phone behind (no matter how short of a period it is). Does Christian experience that and how does he deal with it? Does that get annoying for you?

  6. I completely agree! I have been leaving my phone behind, while I’ve been on my daily two hour walks and it has been refreshing. I actually feel energized and grateful after my walks. Instead of overwhelmed, frustrated or stressed.

    Keri Elaine

  7. omg this is SO true! I definitely need a break from my phone! I”l try my best to set it aside and not look at it for a day! It really does suck your energy sometimes! Thanks for sharing!

    Life is a Shoe

  8. Hi! Love the idea of taking breaks and we love our screened-in porch for doing just that. I’ve looked all over your blog, but can’t find a link for your curtain ties. Have you posted them previously? Otherwise, could you share where they are from? Thank you!

  9. Great post! Thank you for sharing your thoughts about the time we all spend on social media. Hugs from France 🙂

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