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A highly requested post, today we are talking some of my favorite white tees available online.  To shop, click on the associated number or click directly on the collage and it should take you right to the item.  I have a wide array of white tees from different retailers and brands, and I love them all for different fits and styles.

Some of my go-to brands for classic white tees are Michael Stars, Goldie, Z Supply, Madewell and Halogen.  I really just look for soft tees in either 100% cotton or a cotton/stretch blend.  In some tees I prefer a more fitted look and in others I will size up for a loose, relaxed fit.  It’s really about whichever look feels more “you!”

My biggest tip for keeping your white tees looking fresh is OxiClean.  When you notice some of your tees looking dull, use the soaking instructions on the container.  The instructions say to let your garment soak for 4-6 hours, but sometimes I’ll let them soak overnight and wash in the morning.  Just like that, you have a brand new looking shirt!

Hope this will serve as a little guide to those of you looking to spruce up your classic white tee collection.  Thanks so much for reading – XO –

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4 thoughts on “Wednesday Wish List | Best of White Tees

  1. Would you say this also works with getting yellowing from dress shirts out? I know it will probably never look brand new again but the yellowing and dirt on the collar just won’t come out and makes me think I need to wash my neck every night

  2. The v-neck slub tee from SPLENDID is seriously life changing! Deep v-neck, long enough for most of us girls to wear with leggings and the softest fabrication!

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